Consequences of colonialism still felt

The consequences of colonialism are still felt today, chairman of the Young Kanak Movement of France, Daniel Wea, said at the international conference on “Decolonization: Empowerment and Development of Women” in Baku, Report informs.

“We live in a system with remnants of colonialism, and this is sad. Therefore, it is very important to highlight this issue on such platforms,” he noted.

Baku is hosting an event on the theme “Decolonization: Empowerment and Development of Women”, organized by the Baku Initiative Group.

The Baku Initiative Group (BIG) was created on July 6, 2023 in Baku by participants in the conference “Towards Complete Elimination of Colonialism” within the ministerial meeting of the Coordination Bureau of the Non-Aligned Movement chaired by Azerbaijan.

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