Colón vs Gimnasia, relegation tiebreaker: what numbers do your fans choose to believe in?

When instances like this arrive, a very final one to escape relegation, the path is univocal. A candle is lit for each saint, and a particular reading of the history is made. To hold on to the faith of the numbers at least. However, when it comes to Columbus and Gymnastics, the planets don’t align. Quite the opposite. The head-to-head between them offers different adventures and each one will know where to hold on to reach the crossroads with hope.

What do Colón fans think when they name Gimnasia?

The Sabaleros, without a doubt, can rest today. In the last four matches against Lobo, not only are they undefeated, with two wins and two draws, but the people of La Plata also couldn’t even score a goal. In 2021, in the Professional League, it was 1-0 for the Santa Fe team (goal by Eric Meza) at the Elephant Cemetery. In 2022 and 2023, for the same competition, it was 0-0 in 60 and 118. And for the 2023 League Cup, in the Brigadier López, it was 2-0 with shouts from Jorge Benítez and Tomás Galván.

What do Gimnasia fans think about when they name Colón?

The Triperos take the story but in its complete version. They address history from day 1. And they do it right, because the numbers prove them right. They faced Sabalé 77 times: 67 for the Primera tournament, once for the Maradona Cup, another – the last – for the League Cup, and eight in the Promotion. The heads-up were favorable for him: 30 victories for Gimnasia against 17 for Colón (and another 30 ties).

How is the tiebreaker between Colón and Gimnasia to avoid relegation: what the regulations say and when it would be played

A day that promised and did not disappoint. This Saturday, five teams (Vélez, Colón, Gimnasia, Sarmiento and Unión) came out to play their games with the aim of remaining in the First Division. Tatengue, which was the most committed, delivered by defeating Tigre 1-0 and was saved from playing in the Primera Nacional next season. Although those led by Kily González did not depend on themselves. There were results that favored them: Colón (3-1 vs. Vélez) and Gimnasia (2-0 vs. Banfield) lost. In this way, Sabalero and Lobo will have to play a tiebreaker match.

The lower part of the annual table.The lower part of the annual table.
There is a tiebreaker for permanence in First.There is a tiebreaker for permanence in First.

What does article 25.2 of the 2023 Regulations of the Professional Football League indicate?: “In the case of equality in points between two or more teams in positions that define relegation (whether the same by average or by position in the General Table of Positions 2023 defined in article 23) the provisions established in article 111 of the AFA General Regulations will apply, which establishes the holding of tiebreaker match(es)

Although official confirmation is missing, the match, which should be played by regulation 72 hours after the date, It would be scheduled for Friday at 5 p.m. on the Newell’s court (with the public). In case of equality at the end of 90 minutes, an extra period will be played. If equality persists, the match will be decided by penalties.

Both Colón and Gimnasia have to recover quickly and start thinking about the upcoming game. Colón and Gimnasia will define hand in hand who descends to the First National. In principle it would be next Wednesday. Although the day remains to be confirmed along with the schedule and the venue.

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