Club Dogo, tickets for eight of the ten dates at the Forum have been sold

In the beginning there were three Forums, which then became, then eight again and finally ten: the Club Dogo reunion sent the fans into fibrillation who literally pulverized the tickets put on sale by TicketOne for the Milan concerts.

The return of the trio composed of Guè, Jake La Furia and Don Joe has destabilized the world of Italian music in recent days. The hype generated among the public and professionals had not been seen for some time. It all started on the evening of October 19th, when it was reopened the Instagram profile of Club Dogo and various flags with the Cerberus, symbol of the group, appeared around Milan.

Then it was the turn of the cinematic announcement that paid homage to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Milan instead of Gotham, Claudio Santamaria and the participation of the city’s mayor Beppe Sala.

Club Dogo, tickets sold out quickly and eight sold out in Milan

From a dream that comes true to one that ends, it was a short step. Tickets for Club Dogo at the Mediolanum Forum in Assago in Milan sold out in just a few minutes. Despite the new dates added, many fans were still left empty-handed. Scenarios already seen: TicketOne website in haywire and waiting rooms with hopeless queues.

Club Dogo’s latest recording dates back to 2014 and We are no longer those of Mi fist. At the moment, we still don’t know if the trio has a new album in store.

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