Claudia Villafañe and Jorge Taiana spoke about the engagement rumors after the actor’s tender gesture for his birthday


This Monday, January 22 Claudia Villafañe celebrated his birthday. On this special day, the ex-wife of Diego Maradona She was surrounded by her closest affections. Their daughters Dalma y Gianina, daughters of Diez, They took care of entertaining their mother with some emotional messages through social networks. First it was Dalma, who in the early hours of the morning He dedicated some tender words to her through his Instagram account. “Let me know if you’re already awake, that the girls have the intensity to come and greet you on your birthday, and if I hear Azul yell Tata once again, I’ll raffle her off on Instagram!” the actress began by writing in a funny way. “Not to mention Rome. “I’m going for a 2 for 1!” She concluded, sparking laughter from her followers.

Dalma Maradona's greeting to her mother Claudia Villafañe for her birthday (Instagram)
Dalma Maradona’s greeting to her mother Claudia Villafañe for her birthday (Instagram)

Later, came the dedication of his youngest daughter. Gianinna chose to write her greeting on a photo where she could see them both hugging, from behind, in the middle of the street. Happy everything to the best mom in the whole world!. Happy life, Tata!” were his first words. Then she continued: “Thank you for our family. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. I love you mom! I celebrate you today and always. Happy existence! Thank you therefore, I wish you absolute happiness and many more moments with your grandchildren. “It’s your turn to enjoy!” Daniel Osvaldo’s ex-partner closed in a very touching way. Below, referring to the photo, he added: “I hug you like this, forever. Happy life, Aquarian of my life.” Then, Claudia reposted the message and returned the gesture to her youngest daughter. “I love you, daughter,” wrote the former winner of Masterchef.

Gianinna Maradona's emotional birthday message to her mother Claudia Villafañe (Instagram)
Gianinna Maradona’s emotional birthday message to her mother Claudia Villafañe (Instagram)

However, the greetings and words of affection continued through social networks. And there was one that caught the attention of his followers, his partner, Jorge Taiana. Although they are not usually shown together and even denied the relationship while Diego Maradona was alive, over time the bond strengthened and they no longer hide. On this occasion, it was the first time they both shared a photo where the love that unites them could be seen. The actor posted a snapshot with an eloquent message that immediately raised eyebrows. engagement rumors between the two. On an image where she could see Jorge and Claudia’s intertwined hands, her focus was on a ring that Taiana had on her ring finger of her left hand, exactly in the place where wedding rings are worn. . This is how the actor greeted his partner on the occasion of the special day. “Happy birthday Monita,” wrote about the story, which Claudia immediately shared on her own social networks. The publication immediately sparked endless rumors. The journalist Tomás Dente, in The Impertinent (Net TV), was one of the first to notice the situation. In dialogue with TeleshowClaudia and Taiana spoke separately about it.

Following a photo, rumors of engagement arose between Claudia Villafañe and Jorge Taiana (Instagram)
Following a photo, rumors of engagement arose between Claudia Villafañe and Jorge Taiana (Instagram)

The former winner of Masterchef It was forceful. “I don’t know where they got that from, I don’t understand anything. She wrote to me for my birthday. They invent it, you are the first to ask me. She just greeted me for my birthday“, he claimed. For her part, Taiana also denied the rumors that circulated and nullified any indication of suspicion of commitment between the two. “What is not understood about the publication? She says happy birthday,” she responded to this medium to make clear her purpose in dedicating the message to her partner.

A few months ago, in an interview with Infobae, The actor confirmed his relationship with Dalma and Gianinna’s mother. “I’m still with Claudia but I have no relationship with his daughters“, he said in the face of some claims that the relationship had ended. At that time, he also spoke about his girlfriend: “That woman is unique and unmatched.”

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