CIDI files a complaint against Cestmocro for incitement to hatred against Jews

Screenshot of the Cestmocro account on Instagram

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The Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI) is reporting the owner of the Instagram account Cestmocro for incitement to hatred and violence against Jews. A complaint has also been filed against some commenters on the social media platform.

Reactions to posts on Cestmocro contain many anti-Semitic statements that, according to the CIDI, “cross all borders” and are “deeply insulting” to the Jewish community in the Netherlands.

“They are shocking, reprehensible and incite hatred and violence against Jews. No emotion about the war between Israel and Hamas justifies these chilling expressions,” the CIDI said.

Cestmocro has 1 million followers and, according to CIDI, these are mainly young people. Another Instagram account from the same owner, Cestmocrotv, has almost 400,000 followers.

Innocent citizens

The organization wants the Public Prosecution Service to prosecute the owner of the account and the responders for group insults, threats and intimidation. CIDI also wants the account taken offline, as the content is contrary to public order and threatens national security and incites hatred and violence.

Cestmocro writes in a response on Instagram: “We have never incited hatred of Jews and we never will. We stand up for the innocent civilians who have been murdered in Gaza for more than 2 weeks now.” The platform states that Jews are not responsible for the actions of the Israeli government.

Decent rule of law

The CIDI has asked outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and outgoing Minister of Justice Yesilgöz to speak out against what it sees as a form of incitement. “As a Jewish community, we must feel that we are protected by our government. Moreover, singling out and insulting a population group can only be interpreted as an insult to all Dutch people who support a decent constitutional state,” the CIDI says.

It is not known who owns the Instagram account. The NOS tried earlier I have tried to contact you before, but received no response to questions.

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