Checco Zalone, wife and children: who they are

Checco Zalone: ​​who is the wife?

On everyone’s lips after every appearance, Checco Zalone he is one of the best known representatives of Italian comedy. But unlike his person, hers private life he is much less in the spotlight. So who is Checco Zalone’s wife and how many children does he have a couple?

The companion of Checco Zalone And Mariangela Eboli, originally from Bari, the comedian himself. Before meeting him she was a singer and then their paths crossed more and more until he became her manager.

Mariangela Eboli She is very private and little is known about her. She thought about it Checco Zalone to reveal some details, saying that the two met in 2006, when he performed as a performer at weddings.

He sang in a pizzeria. I introduced myself: “I’m a wedding musician and I need someone who sings at weddings.” But, unlucky as I am, no more marriages happened to me. Then I discovered that Mariangela had lived in America and that she was of the evangelical religion. So I converted her to the domestic religion: the house, good food.

To define Mariangela Eboli the wife of Checco Zalone, however, is not quite correct. In fact, the two never married despite having two children. Zalone himself, in an interview with Republiche joked:

I forgot about getting married. Mariangela also turned to the European Court of Human Rights…But the truth is that we are fine like this.

Checco Zalone and Mariangela Eboli: who are the children

Checco Zalone and his partner Mariangela Eboli they have two daughtersGaia and Greta, born in 2013 and 2017 respectively. The comedian has always been very reserved about his family and values ​​his privacy, which is why his two daughters do not often appear publicly.

However the Daughter older, Gaia, has already made her first appearance on the big screen, specifically in one of her father’s films, when she was little. In Sunshinea 2013 film, a sequence traces the childhood of the character played by Checco Zalone and a little girl also appears. It is precisely the Daughter Gaia, just born.

For the rest Checco Zalone’s partner and children they don’t even appear often on his social media. In fact, there are no private photos on the comedian’s Instagram profile and, as far as he is concerned, they are only related to work.

Checco Zalone on TV with “Love + Iva”

The latest undertaking of Checco Zalone it’s the one-man show Love + VAT which, after the success achieved during the one-year tour in Italian theaters, also arrives on television, in prime time on Canale 5.

The show of Checco Zalone is broadcast on Tuesday 14 November on Canale 5 and the one recorded is one of the two shows at the Verona Arena. The comedian does not use a cast and dominates the stage at all times.

In Love + VAT Checco Zalone he brings to the stage stories, imitations, music, parodies and, obviously, his irreverent and biting comedy. There is also no shortage of political incorrectness that has always characterized the Apulian comedian.

The show, written by Luca Medici, with Sergio Rubino and Antonio Iammarino, achieved record numbers with the tour, for a total of 111 performances, all sold out, and 350,000 tickets sold.

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