Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz are engaged, getting married after two years together

Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz will soon get married. This is the news that a source confirmed to the American newspaper People, after the actress was seen with a rather large ring on her finger.

Channing Tatum e Zoe Kravitz they would be officially engaged. This was reported by People, according to which many sources close to the couple confirmed that the two would be ready to get married after two years of relationship. The actress also reportedly showed off a beautiful engagement ring during a Halloween party held on October 28th.

Photos with the engagement ring

The Halloween party organized by Kendall Jenner was a harbinger of interesting news for one of the most reserved couples in Hollywood showbusiness, in which Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz participated wearing the clothes of the protagonists of Rosemary’s Baby, where the actress was dressed as Rosemary Woodhouse and his newborn companion. And it is precisely at this juncture that the most attentive were able to notice a beautiful ring on the ring finger of Zoe Kravitz’s left hand, probably a symbol of the now certain engagement between the two. According to a source contacted by People, the two are ready to say the fateful yes, even if it is not yet clear when they should get married.

L’amore tra Channing Tatum e Zoe Kravitz

The two Hollywood stars got engaged in 2021, when they found themselves working together at the insistence of the actress who wanted the Magic Mike star to work on a project of which she was the director. In an interview with Deadline, Tatum revealed: “When Zoë called me about this, I was shocked. I did not know her. I had seen her in films, I knew that she produced High Fidelity and I had seen it, but I didn’t know that she wanted to aim for such a high level of creativity.” She too, in an interview with GQ, shortly after the start of their relationship, had spoken of the attentions he had shown on the set: “Whether it was making me tea or pouring me a drink or straightening someone out or whatever, he really was my protector and he was really wonderful and sweet.” To this, then, the actress added some comments on their affinity as a couple:

It makes me laugh and we both really love art and talking about art and exploring why we do what we do. We like to watch a film, analyze it, talk about it and challenge each other.

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