Central Bank publishes competition notice for analyst

The Central Bank (BC) published this Tuesday (16) in the Official Diary of the Union notice for the public examination for the position of analyst. There will be 100 vacancies for immediate filling, in addition to forming a reserve register.

As registrations can be done from January 22nd to February 20th, 2024. The registration fee is R$ 150.00. The workload is 40 hours per week and the salary will be R$20,924.80.

The positions available are economics and finance analyst and information technology. To compete for positions, a duly registered diploma of completion of higher education in any area of ​​training is required, provided by a higher education institution recognized by the Ministry of Education.

The Brazilian Center for Research in Evaluation and Selection and Event Promotion (Cebraspe) will run the event. The first stage will have objective and discursive tests, of an eliminatory and classificatory nature, scheduled to take place on May 19, 2024, with application in all capitals of the country.

There will also be a preliminary life investigation, of an eliminatory nature.

The second stage will consist of the Training Program (Procap), of an eliminatory and classificatory nature, under the responsibility of Cebraspe. The program’s workload will be up to 160 hours, of which 120 hours will be distance learning, four hours for exams and 36 hours for an integration seminar.

Candidates will be assigned to BC departments, according to the bank’s criteria, and will work in Brasília (DF).

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