Ceará beats Floresta and wins first of the year

Ceará is not enchanting, but wins its first game in the Cearense Championship with a beautiful goal from Raí Ramos and calms the atmosphere in Porangabussu.

27 jan
– 19h08

(updated at 7:08 p.m.)

Raí Ramos scored his first goal with the Ceará shirt.

Raí Ramos scored his first goal with the Ceará shirt.

Photo: Felipe Santos/Ceará / Esporte News Mundo

O Ceará faced Floresta this Saturday (27), in the second round of the Cearense Championship and achieved their first victory in the competition. Raí Ramos scored the only goal of the match at the Presidente Vargas Stadium, with a beautiful shot from outside the area. With the result, Vovô remains in second place in group B, with four points. Floresta is third in group A, with three points.

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Needing to respond after the disappointing draw in the first round, Ceará started the game with a head start. At nine, Aylon rose higher than the defense in a corner taken by Lourenço, but stopped after a good save from Igor Campos. At 25, Erick Pulga made a good move on the left side and passed to Lucas Mugni. The Argentine dominated inside the area, but was blocked by Floresta’s defense.

Shortly after, Grandpa opened the scoring. The play started on the left side and Igor Campos cleared the cross as best he could. The ball fell to the foot of right-back Raí Ramos, who dominated, cut to his left leg and hit a shot, counting on a deflection in the middle of the way, to cover up Lobo’s goalkeeper and put Ceará in front. At 41, Jorge Recalde missed an incredible chance to expand. Erick Pulga appeared again on the left and crossed. Mugni deflected the ball and the ball fell to Recalde, who, practically with an empty goal, isolated it.

Floresta couldn’t do anything in the first half, but came back scaring after the break. After just six minutes, Romarinho finished inside the area and only didn’t open the scoring because David Ricardo saved Grandpa on the line. At 10, Verdão da Vila arrived again in danger. Romarinho received the ball on the left side of the area, cut to the middle and hit hard for Fernando Miguel’s defense.

Grandpa only attacked again in the 31st minute. Guilherme Castilho received the ball freely outside the area and risked a strong shot, but the ball exploded onto Igor Campos’ right post. As the play continued, Raí Ramos attempted his second goal, but his right-footed cross shot skimmed the crossbar. At 45, Erick Pulga received the ball near the area, carried the ball and tried a left cross shot, but Floresta’s goalkeeper saved it well.


The two teams return to the field for the third round of the first phase of Cearense. Ceará faces Atlético Cearense, on Thursday (1), while Floresta only plays again next Sunday (4), against Horizonte. The two games are scheduled for the Presidente Vargas Stadium.

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