Carolina Marconi and the tumor: “Today I’m fine”

Guest at “Verissimo” Carolina Marconi tells his story fight against cancer and breathes a sigh of relief two years after the diagnosis: “Today I’m fine, but I faced treatments that didn’t make me get out of bedtreatments that helped me live but which at that moment made my life impossible due to the effects they released. The force only being able to think ‘after’ gave me it, I tried to be positive and I remember that I always dreamedthis helped me a lot.”

I recently discovered a liver spot, I was afraid it was a metastasis but fortunately it is a benign stain, – continued the former gieffina Carolina Marconi, moved. – The disease has taught me many things, the first to not waste time. I still remember the day of the diagnosis, I started making gods controls because I wanted a child and that was it I discovered the tumor. Today trying to have a baby would mean giving up on treatment but I want to believe it, I want to hope for the future“, concluded Carolina Marconi.

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