Calcio C, Vicenza draws in Novara 2-2

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Diana’s team found the lead in the 94th minute with Ferrari, but were caught at the end

In Novara, against the bottom of the class, a brace from Ferrari strikers is not needed. The home team broke the deadlock in the 31st minute with Corti, then in the second half Ferrari equalized in the 80th minute with an assist from Della Morte. In the 94th minute Ferrari crossed from the right for Costa’s winning header, but in the 97th minute the Piedmontese froze the Vicenza team with Scappini’s equalizing goal. Friday 8 December, at 5pm, leaders Mantua arrive at the Menti stadium. “It burns a lot, says Mister Diana. Quite a lot because we thought we had done what we usually don’t do, that is, restart a game, take the lead and instead, we still weren’t able to be strong in the last minute, where there is no pattern, there is nothing, in that last minute there.
Afterwards, if we look at things again, it’s clear that we should have done something better in that minute, it’s clear the goalkeeper’s clearance, a positioning, then there’s the Novara player’s offside which is quite clear, behind our goalkeeper, but we gave that opportunity there which can also not be given or in any case we need to do everything possible to ensure this doesn’t happen, also in terms of a spirit of survival.
And so it burns, because we had directed the match where we wanted, with great sacrifice, with great effort even while remaining orderly and trying to recover the match. We missed 30 seconds of the 100 minutes we played, we wasted the last 30 seconds and I’m very sorry, as are the boys. We are all sorry, because it was an important victory, it would have been the sixth out of seven games, it gave us the way to face the next one in a consistent way, and nothing, we didn’t make it, let’s do another, yet another, mea blame. But you have to have different characteristics in that minute, also because we are not a very young team.
In the last minute, positioning doesn’t exist, you usually make a line of 11 players and throw it away, then first we had the ball with the goalkeeper, maybe the clearance instead of making it central, these are all things that even very probably, after the emotion of having scored the goal, we wasted a lot of energy, instead there I continued to say come back, fix yourselves, fix yourselves because there was still a minute of the match, it was confirmed a bit what they are, that they recover the games in the last seconds and we, who always look for opportunities, there was no defeat, it is clear, however, we wasted another important opportunity.”

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