Calcio C, live Corazza scores again and Cesena beats Olbia 1-0 (relive the live broadcast)


CESENA (3-4-2-1): Pisseri; Pieraccini, Prestia, Silvestri; Adamo, Varone (13′ st Francesconi), De Rose, Donnarumma; Saber (1′ st Berti), Kargbo (13′ st Shpendi, 40′ st Ogunseye); Armor. On the bench: 61 Siano, 34 Veliaj, 3 Pitti, 13 Coccolo, 26 Piacentini, 4 Chiarello, 24 Pierozzi, 25 David, 30 Giovannini. Coach: Domenico Toscano.

OLBIA (3-4-2-1): Rinaldi; Palomba (1′ st Mordini), Bellodi, Motolese; Arboleda, Dessena, Biancu, Montebugnoli (29′ st Schiavone); Contini (39′ st Scapin), Ragatzu; Nanni. On the bench: 22 Van der Want, 2 Zallu, 6 Incerti, 3 La Rosa, 15 Zanchetta, 9 Corti, 29 Gennari, 30 Caggiu. Coach: Leandro Greco.

REFEREE: Di Reda di Molfetta.

NETWORK: 19′ pt Corazza

WARNING: Nanni, Saber, Prestia, Palomba, Silvestri, Motolese, Mordini, Biancu, Francesconi, Toscano
NOTE: 8,345 spectators (1,810 paying spectators, 6,535 season ticket holders) for a revenue of 51,145.07 euros. Corners 10-2 for Cesena

Bad ending at the end of a match that Cesena dominated, as demonstrated by the total number of shots: 20 to 2.

49′ st. It ends here with a very bad episode: Shpendi’s father trying to attack goalkeeper Rinaldi, who had knocked down the Cesena center forward with a knee to the head

48′ st. Olbia now throws the ball forward in search of the episode

46′ st. Olbia scores with Scapin with play stopped: the referee had already whistled for the attacker’s very obvious foul on Donnarumma

45′ st. Four minutes of injury time. Ogunseye instead of closing the triangle with Berti restarts Olbia. Francesconi stops the action with a yellow tactical foul

43′ st. Olbia’s first shot of the match: Ragatzu’s right-footed shot from 18 meters is decidedly wide

39′ st. Scapin comes in for Contini in Olbia while Shpendi also asks for a change. Enter Ogunseye

38′ st. Incursion by SIlvestri, who wins the tenth corner: Francesconi’s right in the sky after the defense’s rejection

36′ st. Goal disallowed for Corazza for offside: the Joker had deflected a cross shot from Adamo

35′ st. Adamo devours the second and shoots at Rinaldi from ten meters: a true miracle from the goalkeeper

33′ st. Biancu catches De Rose from behind: yellow

29′ st. Schiavone makes his debut in Olbia: Montebugnoli leaves: now Olbia with the 4-3-1-2

25′ st. Mordini goes straight to Berti who had already offloaded the ball. Side free kick for Cesena and yellow for the former Juventus player. Free kick taken very badly by Adamo and the ball goes to the back

23′ st. Olbia is defending the minimum deficit in the hope of finding an episode, Cesena pushes in search of doubling

20′ st, Problems for De Rose. Game stopped.

19′ st. Corazza devours the 2-0 from the edge. Shpendi now returns with the turban

18′ st. Motolese booked for a foul on Bertri. Yellow for protests also for Toscano.

15′ st. Shpendi is offside and is knocked down by Rinaldi: Cristian is knocked out with a knee to the face. Cesena in ten

12′ st. Adamo’s post: thundering right-footed shot from 18 meters and post that saves Olbia. Another sensational occasion. Inside Shpendi and Francesconi for Kargbo and Varone

11’st. Kargbo wins the ninth corner while Toscano prepares two substitutions

10′ st. Another foul reversed and awarded to Olbia. The match is becoming dangerous due to Olbia’s reaction and the referee

9′ st. Second corner for Olbia: Pieraccini raises and Pisseri takes the ball

5′ st. An error by Kargbo opens Olbia’s first counterattack of the match: Ragatzu for Nanni, blocked for a corner by Silvestri, From the flag Nanni’s header is blocked with his body by Pieraccini. Olbia asks for the penalty, Cesena restarts and comes close to an encore with Corazza: central left. Seen again on TV, Pieraccini’s clearance is with a back-neck

2nd st. Berti immediately close to 2-0: Rinaldi flies and puts a right-footed shot from the edge of the box for a corner. Another corner on Adamo’s conclusion. Donnarumma shoots high from twenty meters after the eighth corner of the match

1st st. He starts again with Berti in place of the booked Saber and with the former Mordini for Palomba

45′ pt. The disastrous Di Reda blows the whistle at the end of the first half. Cesena leads 1-0 at the break and it is a very close result in light of the overall shots of the two teams

44′ pt. We are crazy. Donnarumma enters the area waiting for Palomba’s collision which happens on time. No penalty. We continue and Silvestri protects Prestia: Contini slams into him and the referee, who probably doesn’t know the rules, whistles for a foul and warns Silvestri. Absurd

43′ pt. Another foul by Palomba on Kargbo and this time the yellow card is issued

41′ pt. Another yellow foul by Palomba on Kargbo and another card left in the pocket

37′ pt. Another turn from the flag, another rejected ball, another ball put back into the middle by Adamo for Pieraccini’s gore which ends just wide

36′ pt. Following the development of the corner, the ball reaches Donnarumma: great left foot and volley from Rinaldi to put it in the corner.

34′ pt. Corner by Donnarumma, the defense anticipates Silvestri. Varone tries on the developments: another deflection into the corner

33′ pt. Corner blocked. Saber wins the ball back in the midfield and is knocked out. Free kick 40 meters from goal. Adam will go to the cross. Ball deflected for a corner: it’s the fourth

32′ pt. Corazza one step away from 2-0, but Palomba from the ground deflects his right-footed shot for a corner without fail after a central incursion by Saber

29′ pt. First intervention by Pisseri, who blocks a Montebugnoiìli cross from the left on the way out.

26′ pt. The Mare curve whistles the referee, who immediately begins to demonstrate his touchiness and grace, first Biancu and then Dessena for two yellow card fouls. “Jester, buffoon” rises from the stands

25′ pt. Prestia is booked after a melee with Nanni in midfield. The central defender will have to miss Spal due to disqualification

24′ pt. Donnarumma for Kargbo, who enters the area, skips Palomba and tries a curling shot: ball off target

22′ pt. Two shots from Adamo were blocked, the second for a corner. On Donnarumma’s corner, he hits Pieraccini and the ball is blocked by the body of a defender. Warned Saber

19′ pt, CORAZZA 1-0 CESENA. De Rose steals from Dessena and lets Kargbo run, who slips in the area but from the ground manages to serve De Rose: a right-footed shot that Rinaldi blocks to the feet of Corazza (kept in play by Motolese) who scores into an almost empty net.

16′ pt. Another sensational goal-ball for Cesena: Kargbo sees the introduction of Varone, whose volley goes past Rinaldi but ends just wide of the post

15′ pt. Double goal for Cesena. Bellodi denies the goal to Corazza, who flies on Pisseri’s clearance, jumps Montebugnoli and shoots: Bellodi slides to save Olbia. On the corner Prestia breaks away on his own and incredibly puts it wide

13′ pt. Nanni booked for a blow to Silvestri’s face

10′ pt. After a hectic start, Cesena has now left the ball to Olbia who dribbles behind but is unable to rise

6′ pt. Corazza’s high header from Adamo’s cross from the right

4′ pt. Cesena was immediately aggressive and attacking

3′ pt. Miracle from Rinaldi on a violent right from Saber after an initiative from Corazza. Then the defense cleans the area

1′ pt. Off we go. First ball touched by Ragatzu. In the end the 4 Olbia fans entered the Ferrovia curve. Cesena attacks towards that goal: foul by Corazza on goalkeeper Rinaldi after Varone’s tackle, who scores after Di Reda’s whistle

All ready for kick-off

The notes of Romagna Capitale resound in the sky, with the Curva Mare singing the black and white anthem. Teams ready to enter the field: the Bianconeri must respond to the counter-overtaking by Torres, who won 3-2 at home over Recanatese. A success would also push Cesena to +14 on the third in the class, Carrarese, held to a draw by Fermana, while Pescara was defeated by Juve Next Gen and remained at 32.

Rainy and cold afternoon in Cesena: no more than 7,500 spectators in the stands (with many season ticket holders staying at home). The Ferrovia curve was closed: the 4 Olbia fans were in fact diverted to the side stands on the away side.

The two teams are warming up. It has been raining for hours, but the pitch seems in good condition.


Heavy rain at Manuzzi.

Cesena inaugurates its 2024 at the Manuzzi by hosting Olbia at the Manuzzi (4.15 pm) which is the only team capable of beating the Bianconeri in the championship.

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