Cagliari-Frosinone 4-3, incredible rossoblù comeback with Oristanio, Makoumbou and Pavoletti

Incredible comeback for Cagliari who won 4-3 against Frosinone after being three goals down. The yellow and blues took the lead thanks to Soulé’s brace in the 23rd and 37th. In the second half, everything happens. First Brescianini’s goal for the visiting team in the 49th minute, then the home team’s comeback with Oristanio, Makoumbou and Pavoletti. After two goals disallowed against Frosinone for offside, Cagliari found the winning goal again scored by Pavoletti in the 96th minute. Cagliari thus overtakes Salernitana, defeated by Genoa 1-0, and is second to last with 6 points. Frosinone remains tied on 12 points with Torino.

The match

In the 15th minute Lirola for Frosinone throws Soulé on the verge of offside, the Argentine goes around the rossoblù defense and finds himself alone in front of the goalkeeper Scuffet, controls with his left foot and kicks with his right, the ball on the back. Cagliari responds with Luvumbo who goes on the run on the left wing, enters the area, reaches the end line and serves Prati who shoots on goal, goalkeeper Turati has his vision covered, sees the ball at the last minute but responds with a flick feline.

In the 23rd minute Soulé intercepts a pass from the rossoblù defense, a touch for Reinier who returns the ball to him, this time Soulé kicks with his left foot to the nearest post and passes Scuffet: Frosinone ahead.


Cagliari vs Frosinone – Soulè goes ahead

At the 28th touch of the hand in the area by Soulé, the referee checks the VAR and whistles the penalty for Cagliari. Mancosu pretends to want to kick with his left foot, hits with his right and hits the crossbar, Jankto’s head which misses the goal. In the 37th minute, another masterpiece from Soulé who was served ten meters from the edge of the area, he dribbled past Dossena, entered the area and shot with his right foot into the corner: the ball into the net and a brace for the yellow-blue “Maradona”. In the 43rd minute, Frosinone goalkeeper Turati, chased by an opponent, misses the clearance, Luvumbo intercepts it, enters the area, left-footed for Mancosu’s head and the ball hits the far post.

Teams in the locker rooms at 0-2 for Frosinone. Despite the good playing technique demonstrated by the visiting team, Cagliari were unlucky in the first half because they hit first the crossbar and then the post.

In the second half in the 49th minute Lirola’s heel for Brescianini, the yellow-blue midfielder enters the area dribbling the red-blues like skittles, unleashes a left-footed shot which hits the corner on the far post. For Frosinone, one goal was better than the other.

Cagliari vs Frosinone - Brescianini scores the 3-0 gettyimages

Cagliari vs Frosinone – Brescianini scores the 3-0

In the 72nd Oristanio for Cagliari steals the ball from Reinier, triangulation with Pavoletti, Oristanio again enters the area from the right corner, sends a left-footed shot towards the far post and guesses the goal that reopens the match.

Cagliari vs Frosinone - Oristanio scores the goal to make it 1-3 lapresse

Cagliari vs Frosinone – Oristanio scores the goal to make it 1-3

In the 76th minute Makoumbou for the rossoblù intercepts a pass from Reinier to Brescianini, the Congolese midfielder enters the area, shoots and puts it in. Two minutes later a clash in the area between Pavoletti and goalkeeper Turati, the referee whistles the penalty for Cagliari. Then he asks the VAR for verification and changes his mind: everything is fine and a throw-in goes to Frosinone.

In the 83rd minute Bourabia discards Scuffet for the yellow and blues and puts it in, the referee cancels due to irregular position. In the 92nd minute, another Frosinone goal was canceled for offside, this time by Cheddira. In the 94th Cagliari cross from the right, header by Pavoletti and the ball into the net: equalizer for the hosts. In the 96th Cagliari still ahead, headed by Dossena, Pavoletti hits the header and scores.

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