By a great goal, Banfield won a key duel against Vélez

Gerónimo Rivera got tired of boredom. A while after entering, he decided to break with the lack of spark. And she did it. When the party seemed determined not to get out of the hole, The youth took a superb right hand that went into an angle and gave Banfield the victory. A valuable victory no matter how you look at it. It left him third in his area and gave him more air in his fight for permanence, against a direct rival in that fight: now it was seven points behind Huracán, which is located in the red zone according to the annual table. Vélez, the other side, left Amalfitani empty-handed and worried about being just three units ahead of Globo in that bottom part.

El Drill justified the success by its reaction in the second half. He came out to play it with more authority and intensity in attack. He wandered around the Chila Gómez area much more often, grouped up and had more preparation. In addition, some hesitation from Velez in the background helped him to the Drill.

Banfield moved away from the red zone: it was seven behind Huracán, today in the red zone.  PhotobairesBanfield moved away from the red zone: it was seven behind Huracán, today in the red zone. Photobaires

They were very imprecise

They had delivered little or nothing in the initial period. Closer to nothing than to little. Vélez had a better team because he took center stage and adopted an ambitious stance. He advanced on the sides, commanded in the middle. But the intentions died in the vicinity of Cambeses. He barely had a very clear header from Elías Gómez that the goalkeeper deflected. The shot hit the crossbar and went away.

El Taladro placed third in its area.  photobairesEl Taladro placed third in its area. photobaires

El Fortín began to run out of arguments. This greater possession was increasingly harmless. And some good appearances by Aquino on the left were not enough. The visit, beyond his limited tenure, had some arrivals. One forced Chila Gómez to dive down.

Rivera came out of the mold

The ball didn’t last long for both of them. They went from three quarters to three quarters and then they stopped. Without good sequences of passes, lacking surprises, changes of pace, variations. There were no ideas, but more concentration for the destruction of the game than the construction. Boredom predominated in the Amalfitani. But Rivera had a gem stored in his right boot. He had to enter to break the zero and give Banfield a triumph.

Rivera’s great goal for Banfield’s 1-0

Banfield 23-10-2023

Great goal from Rivera for the 1-0 of the Taladro

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