but in the end, what is this myrrh?!



Discovering the most mysterious gift of the Three Wise Men to Baby Jesus

Trani – Saturday 6 January 2024

Gold, incense and myrrh: the third of the gifts from the Three Wise Men to Baby Jesus has always remained a bit mysterious and instead it is even possible to order it online and it seems that it has healing properties and the ability to “increase clarity and inner peace” . If we had known earlier, we would have given more importance to this mysterious gift with an often distorted name given its similarity to the brand of a detergent. But, jokes aside, on the day of the Epiphany, which is also rainy and ideal for reading and dispelling some curiosity, myrrh is a gum resin that is obtained from trees found in Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia but also in other eastern and Middle Eastern countries including Saudi Arabia. As resin exudes from the bark of trees which is cut or split naturally, from which the myrrh hardens into irregular grains and is then collected and processed. The grains found on the market are no larger than 2 cm and can be burned like incense to release these balsamic aromas. In ancient times it was used for cosmetic but also medical purposes given its astringent properties, and also for the burial of bodies: hence, perhaps, the symbolic meaning of the gift to Jesus, almost as if to prefigure the evening anointing and his sacrifice to atone our sins. In the most famous online sales channel in the world it is very easy to buy it – it is not even expensive – and it seems to be ideal for praying and meditating because it inspires calm and serenity. It makes us think that if we were given gold instead of myrrh, the peace and serenity would probably be greater: but in the end we can try, as it can only be good for our mood. Now at least we know.

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