businessmen asked that public spending and the tax burden be addressed

November 5, 2023 – 18:47

Next Sunday, Javier Milei and Sergio Massa will face each other for the last time at the law school to debate the main ideas of their campaign proposals. The NGO Lógica asked to emphasize eight questions about fiscal pressure and public spending.

Debate presidencial 

From the ONG They not only asked that these issues be addressed but also prepared a list of specific questions for both candidates to develop. It is last debate It will have six axes: Economy, Foreign Relations, Education and Health, Production and Work, Security and Human Rights and Coexistence.

“Miss Sergio Massa and Javier Milei, just 8 questions that can change the lives of all Argentinians“, they stated.

Presidential debate: eight questions about public spending and tax burden

Public spending

  • According to different estimates, the public spending consolidated has been between 42% and 47% in the last 5 years (Invecq). ¿To what level do you commit to taking it 2 and 4 years into your mandate??
  • On which 5 main areas of public spending would your budget focus? main increases/reductions?


  • Do they promise not to sanction? new taxes nor increase but lower the existing ones?
  • How much do you commit to taking the fiscal pressure after 2 and 4 years of his mandate?
  • According to estimates (UIA), the tax pressure in the formal sector is 50.7%. What tools are you going to use to fight against informality? According to different estimates, informality exceeds 40%.


  • How long do they commit to carrying out the annual inflation at less than single digits?
  • How long do they commit to eliminate itIf it were within your government objectives?

Fiscal Transparency

  • Do you commit to issuing a standard of tax transparency that makes visible to consumers the IVA and other national and local taxes applicable to your purchases?

The concerns of businessmen facing the presidential debate

The NGO explained that they decided to prepare the list of questions because the “chronic excesses of public spending and taxes have their cause in the lack of fiscal culture in our society generated by a regime that systematically hides taxes from citizens“.

“Something as simple as taxes not being visible on the consumption tickets It has a lot to do with the fiscal tragedy that we Argentines suffer,” warns Olivero Vila.

In this scenario, it proposes as a way out the sanction of a regime of maximum fiscal transparency in consumer receipts, similar to that implemented in Brazil. “This regime would generate fiscal awareness in citizens in the short term, demanding logical expenses and taxes from the political sector,” he indicated.

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