Businessman explains why Everton Ribeiro decided to leave Flamengo for Bahia

This Thursday (4), Everton Ribeiro’s businessman, Carlos Eduardo Baptista, detailed how the midfielder’s last days of negotiations went for a possible renewal with the Flamengo and explained why the athlete decided to leave the Rio de Janeiro club for Bahiawhere he will play in 2024.

According to the businessman, the main reason was the length of the contract offered by the Tricolor club and also a future career project for Everton.

“In the end, we were between the International, which had a good proposal, and Bahia, which came with a very interesting proposal on the financial side and mainly due to Bahia’s objectives of forming a strong team to fight up there. The proposal for Everton to, as soon as the contract ends, work as an ambassador for the City group or another position was also very interesting. I think it was interesting in that sense. It ended up that Everton chose Bahia’s project”, he said in an interview with Radio Globo RJ.

Regarding the negotiations with Flamengo, Carlos Eduardo treated what happened as “normal” and ruled out any possibility that the midfielder had been “badly treated” by the red-and-black club.

“In my view, the negotiation was normal. Everton had a preference to remain at Flamengo, but Flamengo only indicated one year. In the end, we still tried to set a goal to improve the contract period, but it was not possible. From From the moment it was not possible to increase the length of the contract at Flamengo, we started looking. We waited for a definition from Flamengo, it got a little mixed up perhaps because of the results in the Brasileirão and Flamengo asked us to deal with it after the end of the championship. They continued with the one-year proposal. From the end of the championship and close to the end of the contract, we listened to other clubs”, he commented.

“I wouldn’t say anything bad about (the way Flamengo handled the negotiation). I have a great relationship with Flamengo’s management, I always have. I believe they messed up everything in that end. I don’t want to blame anyone. I think some circumstances within Flamengo were responsible for this happens, but it’s part of it. Maybe it wasn’t the way we imagined, but it’s part of it. In football it’s like that, we’re never sure of things, but we always work with honesty. When Flamengo signaled with a proposal to a year, we started to study other situations. I don’t want to go into that merit. I think it was done the way it was. We try to work in advance, but we understand the circumstances. I don’t see it as disrespectful, it could have been handled in another way , but football has circumstances that change things”, he concluded.

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