Bus workers stop in DF despite Justice suspending strike

The week begins without buses running through the streets of the Federal District this Monday (6). Bus workers approved the strike during a meeting held yesterday (5). Shortly afterwards, the Regional Labor Court of the 10th Region (TRT-10) suspended the strike. Even so, bus stops were full in the morning, the subway was overloaded and traffic was heavier due to the greater number of cars circulating.

According to the Federal District Road Workers Union, the companies proposed adjustments of 5.33% in salaries, health plans and dental plans; 8% on the food ticket; and 10% on the basic food basket. The category, however, considered that the indices presented were not satisfactory. The strike has the support of the Central Única dos Trabalhadores (CUT).

The Court classifies the strike as abusive because it was initiated without regular warning and without setting minimum operating percentages for the public transport road system. The president of TRT-10 stressed that, although the information in the records shows that the category informed the companies about the strike with the 72 hours notice required by law, it does not appear that the population was informed.

On social media, the governor of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha, said he hopes that bus workers return to the negotiating table with companies “for the good of all”. “Thousands of workers depend on them to get on with their lives,” he posted. Also according to Ibaneis, the Mobility Secretariat has made every effort to collaborate with the end of the strike movement. “Society calls for the parties to reach a good conclusion.”

Metro is an alternative

In a note, the Federal District Metropolitan Company (Metrô-DF) informed that, due to the bus stoppage, it will operate to the maximum of its capacity, reinforcing the staff at the busiest stations and, if necessary, extending peak hours to transport users.

Exclusive tracks

Also due to the road workers’ strike, the Federal District Highway Department (DER/DF) released traffic for all vehicles on the exclusive lanes of district highways. They will remain free until the end of the strike movement, the agency highlighted.

The decision applies to Estrada Parque Contorno (DF-001), in the subsection between the junction of BR-060 with the access to Samambaia and the junction with Estrada Parque Núcleo Bandeirante (DF-075); the DF-075 (EPNB), in the subsection between the junction with Estrada Parque Indústria e Abastecimento (DF-003) and the junction with DF-001; Estrada Parque Taguatinga (DF-085), in the subsection between the junction with DF-003 and the junction with DF-001; and Estrada Parque Industria e Abastecimento (DF-003) BRT- Sul.

The Federal District Traffic Department (Detran-DF) also authorized the use of exclusive lanes under its responsibility “until further guidance”. The decision applies to W3 South, the South Police Sector and the N1 and S1 routes.

*Matter changed to update information (Exclusive tracks).

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