Bruno Barbieri, anything but a chef: today the well-known Masterchef coach has a new passion | Here’s what it’s about

Bruno Barbieri, Italian chef – Credit Ansa Foto –

Bruno Barbieri, confesses his new passion. The Masterchef coach shows himself in new guise: that’s what it’s about

Bruno Barbieri is an Italian chef who, in his professional career, has achieved well 7 place Michelin and achieved international fame. Italy and cuisine have always been an indissoluble combination and Bruno represents a true pride for our nation.

Bruno was born in 1962 in Medicina, a small village of around 16 thousand inhabitants located near Bologna. He grows up in an Emilian family that strongly follows the culinary traditions not handed down recipes of generation. Thus, from an early age, he became passionate about the world of cooking.

His ideas are very clear and he is aware of wanting to become a starred chef. His first experience dates back to 1979 when he started working as cuoco on Oceanic, the cruise ship. An experience that allows him to open his horizons and understand that creativity it is fundamental in his recipes.

After many years of experience in the field, Bruno decides to open some its restaurants which present the traditions of his land with a mix of experimentation and innovation. Since 2011 Barbieri has also dedicated himself to his television career and becomes the coach of Masterchef Italy.

Bruno Barbieri, the path to Masterchef

Bruno Barbieri, in addition to being one star chef and an Italian pride, he is also a famous television personality who has been a regular presence on the cooking show since 2011 Masterchef. As a coach, he takes part in all editions to judge the performances of the different participants who compete for the final victory.

Bruno has collaborated with figures of the caliber of Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Joe Bastianich and Carlo Cracco. Barbers it is the most feared among the talent judges because of his severity, but he is also loved for his friendliness and extravagant style. On the occasion of the episode broadcast on 11 January, Bruno shocked the whole of Italy live on television and admitted his true passion.

Bruno Barbieri, more than a chef: this is his true passion

In the January 11th episode of the new edition of Masterchef Italia, the contestants had the opportunity to cook in the Central fire prevention schools From Rome. To pay homage to the national body, the aspiring chefs prepared typical dishes of the capital for 100 Fire fighters.

Bruno Barbieri has created one of his most big dreams. The starred chef took advantage of the opportunity of the talent show to wear the uniform of the Fire Brigade and overcome an arduous test. Bruno, with the help of an expert firefighter, put out his first fire and realized the great dream of his life: “Now I can say that I’m a firefighterfinally“.

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