Bruce Willis reappears in moving photo with his daughter

He has been surrounded by the love of his family since he announced his retirement from the stage in 2022 due to suffering from aphasia, an untreatable brain disorder that affects his speech and motor skills, his wife, Emma Heminghis two daughters, plus the three he had with his ex-wife Demi Moorehave been very close to the 68-year-old actor and have shared some of these emotional moments.

Scout LaRue Willis He touched the Internet by posting a moving photo with his father, the protagonist of box office hits like “Die Hard.”

Emma Heming Willis, the actor’s wife, recently said that she does not know if her husband is aware of the frontotemporal dementia suffering.

“It’s hard for the person diagnosed. It’s also hard for the family. (…) When they say it’s a family illness, it really is,” said the 45-year-old model, who celebrated one more anniversary with the Hollywood star. .

Scout LaRue Willis shared a photo in which she appears lying on her father’s chest while the two exchange loving glances and he touches her face with both hands.

The tender image that Scout LaRue Willis published.  Instagram: @scoutlaruewillis

The tender image that Scout LaRue Willis published. Instagram: @scoutlaruewillis

The confirmation of the dementia he suffers from, which affects the frontal lobe of the brain and causes alterations in behavior, in addition to impairing speech, came in February 2023 after a statement issued by his family through social networks and since then his relatives They have taken care of the actor.

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And although they have always been a united family, after the unfortunate news the union has strengthened; According to the American media Us Weekly, the last two months have not been very good for Willis: “Bruce has good days and bad days, but in the last two months there have been many more bad days than good.”

For almost four decades Willis starred in numerous hits starting with “Die Hard” (1988) and its sequels, and other titles such as “Armageddon” (1998) or “The Sixth Sense” (2001).

He has also won a Golden Globe, an award for which he has been nominated five times, and an Emmy, for which he has obtained three nominations.


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