Bruce Willis gets worse, no longer recognizes his ex Demi Moore


What type of dementia does Bruce Willis suffer from?

The actor suffers from a form of frontotemporal dementia that cannot be cured and typically affects people between the ages of 40 and 60. The new “cruel diagnosis” announced by the family in February 2023 For Willis, it causes slow movement, stiff joints, balance problems and changes in behavior and speech. “It’s painful but now we finally know,” Heming, his ex-wife Demi Moore and their five daughters said on February 16 in a message posted on the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration website.

What is the course of the actor’s serious health problem

The progressive disease can cause severe cognitive impairment, as well as personality changes and mood swings. In Demi’s absence, the 68-year-old’s memory of her “fades away,” the insider explained to Closer: “Demi was able to see that he really didn’t recognize her.” Already in February 2023 a family friend had revealed how Bruce could no longer recognize his mother.
On the contrary, the source reportedly added, Bruce still recognizes his wife and children and “expresses joy” when Rumer arrives with his grandson, little Lou.
At other times, according to reports, the actor can become particularly “aggressive”, while his physical slowdown is increasingly evident.

The pain of the family

This is devastating for those who love Bruce. “Dementia is tough,” Emma told the Today program on September 25. “It’s hard on the person diagnosed; it’s hard for the family too” and she added: “When they say this is a family disease, it really is”. When asked if her husband was aware of her condition, Emma replied: “It’s difficult to know.”

Why did Bruce Willis retire from the scene? And why did he leave the cinema?

In March 2022, Bruce Willis retired from acting. The family announced with a social post that the actor was suffering from aphasia, or the loss of language skills, such as composing and understanding. A person suffering from aphasia does not understand what is said and is unable to produce meaningful sentences that allow communication. Furthermore, he is unable to read, write and do calculations, as writing and arithmetic skills are connected with the function of language. “To Bruce’s amazing fans, as a family, we wanted to let you know that our beloved Bruce has been experiencing health issues and was recently diagnosed with aphasia, which is affecting his cognitive abilities. Accordingly, and with much consideration, Bruce is walking away from the career that meant so much to him. This is a truly difficult time for our family and we so appreciate your continued love, compassion and support…”, his wife Emma Heming wrote in a social posts.

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