British children are getting smaller and smaller because they are “getting smaller”: the reason according to the expert

Are British children getting smaller? What is happening to children in the United Kingdom and the proposals of the Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer

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In the United Kingdom the alarm was raised: i Are British children getting smaller? The case has turned political, with Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer embarking on a tour of the north west of England to promote a plan to improve the health and wellbeing of the UK’s children.

What’s happening to British children

There is a worry trend taking place among children in England and other nations of the United Kingdom: British children have not become lower in recent years but they are compared to more and more countries around the world.

In absolute numbers, the average height of British children entering school age (generally at age 5) has risen slightly, from 110.2 centimeters in 2010 for boys to 110.9 cm in 2022 (for girls went from 109.3 cm to 109.9 cm).

In the meantime, however, children in other countries around the world have grown to a much greater extent: in the last 12 years the average height of British 5-year-old boys has lost 33 places in the international rankings, slipping to 102nd position, behind Egypt, Haiti and Ukraine. British girls dropped by 27 places, overtaken by countries such as Portugal, Turkey and Brazil.

Sir Keir Starmer’s proposals

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer, a heavy favorite in this year’s election, has put forward some proposals to try to stem this trend.

Among the various ideas, in addition to providing for more frequent medical checks and a stop to junk food advertisements at sensitive times, there are also campaigns to make children brush their teeth more.

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Over the last 12 years the average height of British five-year-old boys has fallen 33 places in international rankings. British girls dropped 27 places.

The Obesity Reviews study

According to one studio by Obesity Reviews reported by ‘Open’, out of 66 thousand children in the most developed countries in the world, English children receive 61% of their calories from foods (defined as “junk”) such as fast food and snacks, but also from ready-to-eat foods and sugary drinks . Americans, to make a comparison with English children, consume less (58%). Australian children, however, stop at 47%.

British children

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