Brawl between rival gangs, trapper Shiva arrested on charges of attempted murder

The trapper Shiva, born Andrea Arrigoni, was arrested this morning in Milan. The 24-year-old is accused of attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm and dangerous explosions, after wounding two boys in the legs with a gun who had attacked him.

The investigators reached the artist after having viewed and analyzed the images of the video cameras of the area where, last July 11, a shooting took place in front of a record company, the same as the singer’s, in via Cusago di Settimo Milanese.

During the investigations, searches were carried out inside the “Milano Ovest” and on other young people involved in the episode, some of whom were under investigation. Thanks also to the statements of some witnesses, investigators managed to trace conflicts between gangs in the Milanese rap-trap world.

The attempted murder, according to an initial reconstruction, had occurred at the height of an attempted ambush that the two injured young men had carried out against Shiva and some of his friends.


He shot two young people in the legs, rapper Shiva arrested: frame of the shooting

After the shots that evening, the officers found only one boy in front of the production company, with a light abrasion on his leg, who had refused hospitalization and had not wanted to file any charges. A few hours later, the connection with the arrival of another young man who had presented himself at the emergency room of the Vimercate hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg, claiming to have been wounded by five unknown persons.

The investigations, coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Laura Pedio and the prosecutor Daniela Bartolucci, were conducted by the third section of the Flying Squad.

At the moment from Shiva, who boasts 1 million 800 thousand followers on Instagram with the nickname @fuckshiva, no declaration yet.

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