brace from Vlahovic and goal from Chiesa, endless duel with Inter

Juventus beat Sassuolo 3-0 thanks to a brace from Vlahovic in the 15th and 37th of the first half and a goal from Chiesa in the 89th. The first goal came from open play, with an assist from Miretti, the second from a free kick following Laurienté’s foul on Miretti, and the third from a pass from Locatelli.

It’s an endless duel between Inter and Juve, with the Bianconeri chasing the Nerazzurri within two points for three consecutive days: they are now on 49 and 51 points respectively. The neroverdi remain stationary at 19 points, tied with Frosinone and only two points behind Hellas Verona, third from last and in the relegation zone.

The first half

In the 15th minute Rugani intercepts a pass from Ferrari in midfield and starts the Juventus counterattack by serving Locatelli, pass on the right wing for Miretti who in turn touches in the center for Vlahovic, left-footed torpedo from outside the area, Consigli throws himself but the trajectory goes over him : Juventus is ahead.


Serie A TEAM Juventus Vs Sassuolo, Vlahovic goal -2-0

In the 28th Sassuolo attacks, low shot from Laurienté, but the shot is not powerful enough and Szczesny saves.

Four minutes later Laurienté once again starts a choral action by the neroverdi, the ball goes back to the number 45 who shoots right-footed from outside, the trajectory is treacherous but Szczesny stretches out and clears it.

Shortly afterwards Laurienté brings down Miretti a few meters from the edge of the area. Vlahovic takes the free kick and shoots directly towards goal, Consigli is on target but late, the ball hits the crossbar and bounces to the ground beyond the goal line: it’s the Juventus second goal in the 37th minute.

Shortly after, Erlic mows down Yildiz, the referee lets him continue for the advantage but then warns the black-green. Vlahovic shoots through the barrier, but this time the shot is weak and Consigli saves.

In the 42nd minute Rabiot unleashes an angled low shot from outside the area, Consigli saves again and then gets angry with his team.

Juventus dominates the first half. Sassuolo tried to respond with a couple of shots from Laurienté, but in the first 45 minutes the disparity between the two teams was clear. Players in the locker room at 2-0 for the Bianconeri.

Serie A TIM Juventus Vs Sassuolo -2-0 LaPresse

Serie A TIM Juventus Vs Sassuolo -2-0

The second half

In the second half, in the 51st from the left Laurienté puts it in the middle for Berardi, a left-footed low shot from outside the area and the ball misses the goal for a couple of metres.

Six minutes later double substitution for Allegri: Chiesa and Weah come on instead of Yildiz and Miretti.

In the 64th Sassuolo counterattack with Berardi running across midfield, left-footed from outside the area deflected by Danilo, Szczesny blocks a truly treacherous ball.

In the 76th Chiesa catches Weah who shoots from inside the area, the ball ends up in a curve.

In the 89th minute Milik steals the ball from Boloca, a pass to Locatelli who touches Chiesa, his shot is deflected by a black and green defender and despite being central it displaces Consigli: it is the goal that makes it 3-0.

Juventus vs Sassuolo - goal by Chiesa gettyimages

Juventus vs Sassuolo – goal by Chiesa

Allegri’s comment

“It’s not about having fun, it’s about winning. Only that matters, the rest matters nothing. It wasn’t easy, they had scored four goals in the first leg,” underlines the Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, after the match against Sassuolo.

“Even tonight, when it seemed to be going well, they found solutions with good players like Berardi and Laurientè. Szczesny made two good saves. We are happy but we are thinking about Sunday in Lecce”, continues the coach.

Again for the Juventus coach, “we have 49 points, we need to continue working, improving and staying silent. It was a good match, we had chances but we need to be more clear close to the area. The changes did well and this is very important. We have to work on our limits and maintain this team spirit.”

Allegri then added: “Playing against them is complicated, they break up your game and afterwards anything can happen like at their home. I told the boys to have a good reaction to the lost ball. Then when we couldn’t do it we got behind the line of the ball to stop them. Understanding the matches is a sense of maturity and on this, despite many players with less experience, we are growing and I am very happy.”

Dionysi’s commentary

“We weren’t perfect, we have responsibility for their goals. The result is too harsh, but Juve is stronger at home”, are the words of Alessio Dionisi, Sassuolo coach, after the match.

“We knew it would be difficult, if you don’t perform as well as you should it becomes an impossible mission to get a result,” adds the Neroverde coach, who adds: “We knew the difficulties we would face. We’re not satisfied with having put in a decent performance, the third goal doesn’t determine anything but it’s the one that made me the most angry. It is a mistake seen and revised, corrected and corrected.”

Again according to Dionisi, “we won against Fiorentina, we were good and effective, with a penalty saved. Football gives and takes away. Their goalkeeper was good today, then if you concede to Juve it’s difficult to bring home a positive result. It’s disappointing because more could have been done in the first half. Making forced changes did not allow us to create other opportunities but this is who we are. We work with confidence, knowing that we have to sweat in every match.”

Juventus Vs Sassuolo - Vlahovic goal gettyimages

Juventus Vs Sassuolo – Vlahovic goal

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