Boys, the World Cup movie, already has a release date

November 16, 2023 – 10:03

The film is narrated by Guillermo Francella and based on a story by Hernán Casciari -author of “Messi’s Suitcase”.

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“Guys, the people’s movie”narrated by Guillermo Francellabased on a story by Hernan Casciari -author of “La valija de Messi” and directed by Jesus Braceraswill be released in cinemas throughout the country on December 7 and invites viewers to immerse themselves in the heart of the Argentine fans and suffer again, laugh, cry and relive the seven World Cup matches that dedicated to the Argentine National Team and its celebrations, for the first time on the big screen.

What Boys, the World Cup movie is about

The main premise of the film is to recreate the experience of being in a stadium, but in the movie theater. The production seeks to make each spectator feel as if they were in a “microstadium”, a miniature soccer field where fans can cheer and relive every unforgettable moment of that World Cup.

But the participation of fans is not limited to being mere spectators. Eddie Fitteproducer of the film, announced that videos of fans who have recorded their reactions during the champion team’s matches at the World Cup in Qatar will be presented.

The idea is to show not only the images captured from the stadiums in Lusail, but also the moments lived in Argentine homes, among friends, families and neighbors.

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Those interested in being part of this film were recommended to send the videos in horizontal format and with the best possible quality, but videos in vertical format were also accepted.

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