Bosz still thinks PSV-Ajax are top players: ‘Ajax players not that bad’

PSV-Ajax is number one on Sunday against number seventeen in the rankings. But Peter Bosz still wants to call the match a great one. He believes that Ajax’s players are not as bad as the current score suggests. “Ajax will of course not finish seventeenth this season.”

At PSV everything is roses and moonshine. The Eindhoven team is the leader and has not yet lost a match in the Eredivisie. How different is that at Ajax. The team from Amsterdam have not won nine games in a row and are in a historically low seventeenth place.

“But PSV-Ajax is simply a top team,” says Peter Bosz. “It is and remains Ajax. The players on the field are not as bad as seventeenth place suggests. I also try to make that clear to my players. Of course, Ajax will not be seventeenth at the end of the season.”

“It really won’t just be 5-0 on Sunday.”

Meanwhile, the whole of the Netherlands is making jokes about Ajax: PSV just won 5-0 against the Amsterdam team. The trainer definitely doesn’t want to hear those jokes. “It really won’t just be 5-0 on Sunday. That really annoys me. It’s just a very serious opponent in a serious match.”

Yet Bosz believes that PSV should beat Ajax based on quality. “We have more quality than Ajax. But we also have to show that on the field. We have to take away that fragile confidence they have.”

“I expect Ajax to also play defensively on Sunday.”

Ajax has had a different trainer for the group since this week. Maurice Steijn left on Monday and his assistant Hedwiges Maduro took over. Ajax played against Brighton on Thursday. The Amsterdam team showed a defensive game. “I expect them to do that on Sunday too,” Bosz reflected. “Maybe also because we are going to pressure them in that situation with our own play. But they will also adjust some small things, because it was very defensive on Thursday.”

Noa Lang and Armel Bella-Kotchap are still not available at PSV due to injuries. The two players will probably be out for a while. It is therefore expected that Peter Bosz will not change much in his line-up compared to Tuesday when PSV drew against RC Lens.

PSV calls on its own supporters to behave on Sunday during the home match against Ajax. On Tuesday, the French police had to intervene during disturbances in the Champions League match against Lens.

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