Bonno is for PSV, but his wife is for Ajax: ‘He should keep his mouth shut’

While her husband Bonno dances around the house, Yvonne Bes has been in a low mood for weeks due to the tragic start of the season of her favorite Ajax. The couple has been married for 45 years and they are both passionate football fans. Only Yvon is for Ajax and Bonno for PSV.

“I’m in quite a slump, I’ve never experienced this before,” says Yvonne on the couch in their house in Den Bosch. Her husband Bonno, a true PSV fan, finds it difficult to suppress his gloating now that his wife’s club is dangling at the bottom of the Eredivisie rankings. “I never actually watch those relegation matches like last week against Utrecht,” he says laughing.

“We start here together on the couch, but if things go very badly I’ll go upstairs.”

The two are ready at half past three on Sunday afternoon to watch the PSV – Ajax match on TV at home. “We start here together on the couch, but if things go very badly I go upstairs to continue watching there, because if they lose I really have a bad mood. And what also upsets me are the messages from people who, now things are going badly for my club, I have managed to find ways to calm that down.”

Leader PSV takes on number 17 Ajax at home. Last year, Yvonne was still full of self-confidence when the same competition was around the corner. “As an Ajax supporter, you actually assume that you will become champion, while PSV has something like ‘as long as we become champions’. We will simply become champions with Ajax,” he said at the time.

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Today Yvonne sings a bit lower. “I don’t recognize my club anymore.” The relationship between PSV and Ajax also has consequences for the atmosphere in Bonno and Yvonne’s home. “If things are going badly with my club, I cannot tolerate comments from Bonno, he has to keep his mouth shut because it is my club,” said Yvonne.

“Even if they are relegated, I will just go to the Kitchen Champion Division.”

Bonno, in turn, can’t help but annoy his wife about the tragic situation of her favorite team. “Ajax’s management is destroying the club itself,” according to Bonno. “I will remain a supporter of Ajax, even if they are relegated, I will simply go to the Kitchen Champion Division,” Yvonne responds.

Despite the fact that PSV is now proudly at the top, Bonno thinks that the final battle for the national championship is not yet over. “Feyenoord also has a very good team, so it will probably be between the two.” Yvonne hopes that PSV-Ajax will end in a draw, but she fears that it will be 3-0. Bonno is sure that PSV will walk away with the win. “I’m going for 5-0,” he says with a roar of laughter.

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