Boca’s one x one: the scores vs. Platense, for the League Cup

Xeneize drew goalless as a visitor against Calamar at the start of the competition and in the match that marked the official presentation of Diego Martínez as the team’s coach.


Boca tied without goals against Platense at the Ciudad de Vicente López stadium in the debut of the League Cupin which it integrates zone 2, and in a duel that also marked the official debut of Diego Martínez on the Xeneize bench. In a discreet match, those in blue and gold earned a draw although they could have also won in the end.

Boca’s one x one: the scores vs. Platense, for the League Cup

  • Sergio Romero: 6. He suffered practically no surprises, except for a header from Vázquez at the start that he contained without problems. Chiquito transmitted the usual presence and confidence.

  • Luis Advíncula: 6. He rounded off a correct match and no more than that. As a already seen from last season, he stepped into the area and was close to scoring with a bomb that Cozzani canceled.
  • Cristian Lema: 7. In his official debut, the former Lanús stood on the field with authority and solvency, being one of the few positive points of the night. He showed the credentials for which Boca went looking for him: solid in man-to-man and a guarantee in the aerial game in both areas.
  • Nicolás Figal: 6. At times he lost his compass and risked a lot by going out and pushing far away, leaving potholes on the last line. However, in hand-to-hand he almost always won, he was firm and did not suffer in the presence of Ronaldo Martínez.
  • Frank Fabra: 6. Between rumors about a possible departure After being targeted by the fans, he returned to play after the Libertadores final and completed a good game. Opaque first half and outstanding second half. As a summary of his eight years at the club, his performance He was divided between what he did with and without the ball. He was the best on offense, inventing two masterful plays “a la Fabra” that Advíncula and Cavani, respectively, could not complete; On the other hand, they beat him several times for being passed.
  • Guillermo Fernández: 4. As an extension of last season, Pol weighs more because of his commanding voice than because of what he contributes strictly in terms of football. He was inconsequential and timid in most of his interventions.
  • Jorman Campuzano: 5. The forward pass continues to be his great deficit. He prefers to ensure playing short, horizontally, to avoid complications. The consequence? Boca was never able to give lightness or verticality to the game. However, in defense it was another story: correct in marking and very attentive to get between the center backs for coverage.
  • Juan Ramírez: 3. At the wrong time, the defensive aspect became difficult and that translated into repeated fouls. In attack, he was imprecise and those speed drives that characterize him did not appear; and today Boca needed them more than ever. Pale performance by the former San Lorenzo, which was the coach’s first change.
  • Ezekiel Bullaude: 4th. Standing like a classic hitchhiker, he did not comply with the obligations that arise from the position. He had little or no impact on the creation of the game and, unlike what he showed in the preseason, he was also unable to step into the area with danger.
  • Luca Langoni: 5. With his speed and mischief, he occasionally threatened the Squid defense but it never went beyond that. He is imprisoned by the lack of supply of flyers.
  • Miguel Merentiel: 4. He seemed uncomfortable. Little participatory, Beast It was a shadow of that implacable image that he left in a 2023 in which he excelled. The only one he had he wasted. This is just the beginning, but much more is expected of him.

They entered:

  • Kevin Zenón: 6. He came in active and already in his first action he generated an air of change in the environment. He asked for them all, he gave the team more mobility and He almost won it in the last one in what would have been a dream debut. Auspicious first minutes for the left-hander.
  • Edinson Cavani: 5. True to his style, he played simple, one touch and sought to constantly get involved. He couldn’t push the only clear one he had left.
  • Lucas Janson: (S/C) without qualifying because he was little on the court.
  • Dario Benedetto: (S/C) without qualifying because he was little on the court.
  • (DT) Diego Martínez: The match he imagined did not happen. The high pressure barely lasted a few minutes and a team was seen with few ideas to build. In addition, he moved the bank with the income of Zenón and Cavani, and that changed the face of Boca. He has only been on the job for a short time and it would be crazy to demand a drastic improvement so quickly, but some nuances of his philosophy were perceived.

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