Boca Juniors in the final: the child fan moves everyone. And ‘Pampita’ buys him the ticket

Tonight, at 9pm Italian time, Boca Juniors faces Fluminense at the Maracanà stadium in the Copa Libertadores final. The video of a young Xeneizes fan, Benjamin Kohan, has received millions of views in Argentina: “We sold dad’s motorbike and my play to come here and we don’t even have a ticket”. The showgirl Pampita was interested in his fate, who tracked him down and bought him the pass for the final

The passion for football in Argentina did not end with the victory of the World Cup. On the contrary. In the last few hours the broadcaster’s video has gone viral in those parts Tyc Sports where he came interviewed a very young Boca Juniors fan, Benjamin Kohan, who followed the team to Rio De Janeiro with his father, played against Fluminense in the Copa Libertadores final. “We sold my play and my father’s motorbike to come here and we don’t even have a ticket, but look at all this, look at it…this is Boca!”, the child shouts with impressive passion.

The model “Pampita” looks for him and gets him the ticket

Video views they immediately skyrocketed, even exceeding with over 18 millionthose of Scaloni with the World Cup won almost a year ago. She took an immediate interest in the child Ana Carolina Ardohain Dos Santos, known as “Pampita”, real star in Argentina. The model, actress, presenter, singer and above all a great Boca fan he asked on his social media accounts to track down the young fan because he wanted to give him and his father two tickets to the match.

And now the child has become a star

Pampita herself then made it known that she had contacted the child and that she would surprise him giving him the desired ticket to the final. With many regards to dad’s motorcycle and his playstation! And the testimony always came from the showgirl’s accounts.

In the meantime, however, the child has become a star in his own right, requested and pursued by the Argentine media. Lautaro Chade, correspondent following the Boca fans in Rio De Janeiro, interviewed him a second time. And Benjamin reiterated his “principles”: “We came anyway, even without a ticket, because it’s a party. I don’t care about the play, first of all comes Boca, then family and everything else. I would also sell the house and everything to have Boca Juniors champion, I would also exchange the World Cup with Argentina.”

Lautaro Chade

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