Big Brother, the proposed hunger strike for Alex Schwazer. Meanwhile, a former competitor risks having his Twitch channel closed: vulgarity and blasphemy

In a few hours inside the house of Big Brother the kitchen may no longer be needed. Last night, Monday 6 November, a new live episode of the reality show was broadcast on Canale5. An evening that kept 2,716,000 spectators glued to the screen with a 20.5% share against The Bastards of Pizzolfalcone 4 on Rai1 (3,693,000 viewers and 21.1% share). Alfonso Signorini in Mystery Room wanted to meet Alex Schwazer to warn him that the famous sentence for his famous doping disqualification should arrive within a few days (perhaps live, with a nice envelope in the confessional).

A redemption therefore for the athlete who in recent days at home has never stopped training in view of the next Olympics. I dream that, now, he has no certainty since the bids for the Olympic Games have now expired. For this reason, some tenants are thinking of a real hunger strike in support of their athlete friend. “If it starts from us, if we make an appeal, it could start to travel around Italy and a brothel of people could move. If he starts from here, a bomb will explode outside in the media”, declared Massimiliano Varrese. Megaphone which, for now, would remain turned off. A possibility most likely blocked in the bud by the reality show’s authors.

And if in the Spanish version of the reality show we have two expulsions (three if we also count that of Oriana Marzoli) and a retirementa refresh your trashy memory he thought about it Daniele Dal Moro through a live Twich. The influencer and entrepreneur from Vicenza, former Big Brother contestant of the last edition and Marzoli’s boyfriend, as anticipated by Biccy he blurted out at everyone (starting with Oriana’s fans): “I’m pissed off about you, Oriana and her friends. I get shit from those Orianistas bitches. You are c***s.” And again: “They tell me that I use Oriana to do live shows but God ****, how the fuck can anyone think of me like this? You are a bunch of idiots. Oriana is the queen of imbeciles who believes your bullshit. But can I have friends without wanting to fuck them? Does Oriana mind if I send a message to a friend?”. And between blasphemies and excited gestures, the conversation continued like thisor: “My eyelids have been shaking for four days, I haven’t eaten since yesterday. You broke my balls, all of you. You have to go fuck yourself. But do you know how many beautiful girls write to me every day? Do you think I needed the photos of Sabrina, you ugly pieces of s**t?”. The conclusion of her live broadcast (despite causing concern to viewers about her state of health) surprised everyone. Straddling the chair, Dal Moro shouted: “At 90, do you know what that means? (…)”. From the hunger strike to the canal strike – which could rightly be deactivated – it’s just a moment.

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