Big Brother returns to Thursday, what happens: the previews

Alfonso Signorini’s reality show changes dates and returns to the air today in prime time: news, nominees and polls, a competitor at risk of disqualification

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After the unexpected (and sensational) postponement of the episode scheduled for yesterdayil Big Brother back on air today – Thursday 16 November 2023 – in prime time on Canale 5. The calendar of Alfonso Signorini’s reality show had to bring forward the second weekly episode to Wednesday to make room for Gerry Scotti and Io Canto on Thursday, but the boom in tennis on TV (tonight on Rai 2 there is Sinner’s match at the 2023 ATP finals) pushed Mediaset to postpone the debut of the singing talent and to focus on Gf to bring home a good audience result in a television evening that promises to be complicated (there is also the battleship Montalbano on Rai 1). So let’s discover all the previews of today’s episode, from the nominations to the polls to the latest news, with a competitor at risk of disqualification who could leave the broadcast.

The new Big Brother calendar: when it airs

The 20th episode of the Big Brother 2023 it was supposed to be the first to air Wednesday. A few days after the last live broadcast, Alfonso Signorini’s reality show returns to its usual Thursday evening slot for one last time, before abandoning the double episode for some time. From next week, in fact, the reality show will be broadcast only once a week, on Mondays, with Io canto on Wednesdays, Io canto on Thursdays and Zelig on Fridays.

Big Brotherthe November 16th episode: what happens tonight

After theexit of the scene Jill Cooper – eliminated in Monday’s televoting against Giuseppe and Ciro (who said he was “tired but not fed up” and remained on the reality show) – the news that shuffled the cards in Cinecittà is thearrival of Perla Vatiero. The entry of the ex of as a new competitor has been rumored for some time Mirko Brunetti (already in crisis), who will join her ex-partner from this evening. The protagonist of the love triangle of the latest edition of Temptation Island she was supposed to enter the House on Monday evening but was stopped by Covid-19, but apparently today it is ready to enter the game. And you can bet that its “rival” Greta Rossetti he won’t stand by and watch, so much so that it seems very likely that he will come into play in the next episodes to definitively give shape to the love “triangle” symbol of this edition.

All eyes also on the situation Anita Olivieri. The gieffina would in fact be a risk of disqualification after blasphemy spoken live al Gf and, despite the more permissive reality TV policy compared to the past, disciplinary measures are not excluded.

We will also talk about the clashes that are characterizing the latest dynamics in the Cinecittà loft: from Cornflower e Massimiliano who have arrived at loggerheads due to the increasingly evident rivalry between Anita e Beatrice.

Nominations and polls

Tonight’s episode is unlikely to be an elimination round, but in nomination there will be Ciro Petrone, Greece Apiaries, Massimiliano Varrese, Beatrice Luzzi, Rosy Chin and the one already mentioned Anita Olivieri, who is at risk of disqualification. At the moment the percentages naturally save Beatrice (over 50%), the undisputed protagonist of this edition, while Rosy and Ciro would be at risk, just above 2% of the preferences. The others are further behind, above the 10% threshold.

When and where to see it tonight on TV and streaming (Thursday 16 November)

Il Big Brother 2023 it’s going to happen Tonight on TV are Channel 5. Appointment in the early evening starting from 21:30. Streaming live e on demand available, as always, on the platform Mediaset Infinityvia app or official website.

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