“Big Brother”, Mirko Brunetti against Garibaldi: “Use Pearl”

Mirko Brunetti he lashes out again Giuseppe Garibaldi. The former contestant of “Big Brother” even in the episode of Monday 15 January he did not miss the opportunity to direct his accusations against his “rival”. In fact, since Mirko left the house, Giuseppe has become very close to Perla. An attitude that, inevitably, cannot fail to affect Mirko. Already in the previous episodes, Mirko had harshly criticized Garibaldi’s attitude who, according to him, is exploiting his relationship with Perla to create a dynamic.

Garibaldi, for his part, tries to send any type of accusation back to the sender: “Perla and I have formed a friendship in which there is no malice – replied the tenant of the house -. We are having fun without thinking about any dynamics “. He also echoes his words Perla, who tries to “calm down” Mirko: “I don’t feel uncomfortable because I feel there is no malice on his part.” Mirko, not convinced by the words of the two boys, further explains his position: “The focus of the discussion is wrong because I don’t feel jealousy for Perla – says the former protagonist of “Temptation Island” -. I think he is playing and I’m sorry that she doesn’t notice. Perla is a pawn and he rides this dynamic.”

The discussion is archived, Mirko is keen to send a message to Perla: “Keep eating the cookies, your body is beautiful the way it is,” says the boy. The reference is to some comments received in the Casa da Perla in the last days in the House. A roar from the audience greets the words against body shaming by Mirko and Alfonso Signorini, who cannot help but notice the enthusiasm of the fans of “Perletti”, comments: “Maybe the time has come for Mirko to spend a week in the House in the suite?”. “Even three days is enough,” replied Perla. Are you preparing a return to the House for Mirko?

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