Before Pablo Escobar there was already Griselda Blanco

In 1981, the city of Miami completely abandoned its serene reputation to become the core of violence in the country: as reported Magazine TIME with a headline on the cover what I was asking “Paradise lost?”the capital of the state of Florida registered 621 homicides that yearone more eccentric than the previous one: people torn to pieces in the middle of the street, motorcycle shootings in broad daylight and stabbings in the neck.

Behind this wave of violence, which had begun years ago and extended until the end of the 1980s, there was a person whose last name was the same color as what gave him power: Griselda Blanco and cocaine. A character who, throughout history, has been overshadowed by his male contemporaries Pablo Escobar or El Chapobut that, in effect, instilled much more terror during the golden era of drug trafficking between Colombia and the United States.

Known by multiple nicknames, such as “the Boss”, “the Godmother” or “the Black Widow”, Blanco built a opulent and highly profitable drug empire who paved the way for those who came after. But, however, and unlike these, his eventful story had not reached the screensuntil now.

Griselda Blanco

Griselda Blanco

Sofía Vergara plays Griselda Blanco in the new Netflix series.


Created by Doug Miro and Eric Newman, who were also behind ‘Narcos’ (2015) y ‘Narcos: Mexico (2018), ‘Griselda’ premieres in 2024 as a 6 episode miniseries Full of action, crime and, of course, drugs. And it will be the Colombian actress Sofía Vergara who will give life to the biography of this ambitious and multifaceted woman, whom we can see exposed as a devoted motheror as a savage criminal.

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