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Those who follow football and were intending to activate a subscription to Dazn, the platform which among other things exclusively broadcasts the rights to Serie A, will have noticed: from 2 January 2024 watching matches costs more. Dazn has in fact decided to increase the prices of all its subscription formulas again – Start, Standard and Plus – with both monthly and annual payments. It is only the latest in a flurry of increases which has affected many services offered by streaming platforms and which is also due, in this specific case, to the sensational financial crisis of Dazn, which according to Bloomberg has already lost 6 billion dollars since the launch of the brand, owned by multibillionaire Len Blavatnik, in 2016. Other platforms, like Netflix and Disney+, are pushing users hard to sign up for subscriptions that also include advertising, in order to recover from that front what was lost in the last two years. The entire business model of streaming TV is in the balance, as it is looking for new ways to make profits, users permitting.

The British Dazn it spent $1.9 billion in 2021 alone, up from 1.2 billion the previous year, for the purchase of television rights, with “massive investments”, according to its own management, for football TV rights in Italy and Germany. For Serie A TIM, in particular, Dazn was awarded the TV rights for a sum of 840 million euros per season for the three-year period 2021/2024. The last auction was held last October: for another five years, until 2029, the Serie A championship will continue to be broadcast by Dazn and Sky with the same current distribution: the 10 matches of the day on Dazn, with seven exclusives and three co-exclusives with Sky, for a figure of around 900 million euros per season. Investments from which the group is now trying to recoup, also through the increase in subscriptions, the second in just six months after that of 18 July 2023. From 2 January 2024 the increases will be applied to both new users and monthly subscription holders , while for those who have previously subscribed to an annual subscription, the new price list will start, unless cancelled, with the renewal upon expiry.

The monthly price for a Dazn Start subscription, which does not include Serie A Tim and which instead includes basketball and volleyball, has therefore risen from the previous 9.99 euros per month to the new 11.99 euros per month, while if considering the annual subscriptions in a single solution (99 euros per year), the equivalent minimum monthly price goes from 7.50 euros to 8.25 euros. However, only new users can subscribe to the DAZN Start plan. At the next level, the Dazn Standard plan increases for new users from 34.99 euros per month for the annual subscription with payment deferred in 12 monthly installments (previously it was 30.99 euros per month), while with the annual plan with advance payment in a single solution, the new price is 359 euros, which is equivalent to approximately 29.92 euros per month (previously the price was 299 euros, equivalent to approximately 24.99 euros per month). The monthly subscription to DAZN Standard remains for now at a cost of 40.99 euros per month.

As regards the Dazn Plus plan, from 2 January 2024 it can be subscribed to by new customers at the new price of 59.99 euros per month in the monthly version (previously 55.99 euros per month), or at the new cost of 49.99 euros per month with the annual subscription with payment deferred in 12 monthly installments (previously 45.99 euros per month). Those who choose to subscribe to the annual plan with advance payment in a single solution will have a new cost of 539 euros, which is equivalent to approximately 44.92 euros per month (previously the price was 449 euros, equivalent to approximately 37, 42 euros per month). The Standard and Plus plans include, among other things, both the Serie A Tim (until the 2028/2029 season), the Europa League and the Spanish La Liga matches.

According to Ipsos data, television piracy, particularly for sports content, it grew by 26% compared to 2021. It was recently approved an ad hoc law to counter this phenomenon. In 2021, Dazn’s losses increased by 79% to 2.3 billion dollars, mainly due to the large sums paid for the purchase of the best TV rights. After a phase of “courting customers” with low monthly prices, Dazn doubled its subscriptions to 30 euros in Germany last year and, more recently, increased them in Italy too. The platform is also introducing formulas for different sports packages. Turnover in 2022 rose to 2.3 billion dollars, declared the company, which maintains the objective of returning to profit with the accounts for the last quarter of 2023. The increases in 2024, however, risk taking away a further slice of users from the streaming service.

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