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The docu-series The Last Hours of Mario Biondo has arrived on Netflix, relating to the archived case of the Italian found dead in Madrid: his story

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Justice, both Spanish and Italian, stopped: for one it was a question of suicidethe other cannot proceed and has the case was closed. The death of Mario BiondoItalian found dead in Madridhowever, continues to be shrouded in mystery and even the new Netflix series It doesn’t help shed light on what happened.

Who is Mario Biondo, found dead “hanging” in May 2013

We need to go back ten years to summarize who Mario Biondo was and what happened to him. 30 year old Italian cameramanthe man lived in Madrid with his wife, the television presenter Raquel Sanchez Silva.

Mario was found dead in his apartment on May 30, 2013, hanged with a pashmina from a bookshop. According to the Spanish prosecutor’s office, it was suicide, but the Italian’s family immediately opposed this hypothesis: there were too many things that didn’t add up in his death.

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Photos from the wedding of Mario Biondo and Raquel Sánchez Silva

It was said that he made use of cocaine, but toxicological tests conducted subsequently did not provide evidence of this fact. For Spanish justice it could also have been a erotic game gone wrongself-asphyxiation, but even this path never seems to have convinced the family.

Because the case was also closed by the Italian justice system

Although there are still many unclear points on the matter, including the possible role of the wife whose behavior has always made the parents suspicious, the investigation into Mario Biondo’s death has been closed also by Italian justice.

He gip Nicola Aiello from Palermo he had no alternatives, in August 2022: he found himself faced with procedural limits due to distance from the facts. As underlined by the lawyer Fabio Falcone in an interview with Vanity Fair, however, for the judge it was not suicide.

“There weren’t enough elements to be able to move forward, but he didn’t believe in the suicide hypothesis either, or in any case it wasn’t as obvious as the Spanish police wanted to make it seem,” he said, underlining that in the prosecutor’s file there are elements that “deny the suicide thesis and they suggest that Mario Biondo was killed by an unknown hand and subsequently placed in a position likely to simulate suicide“.

The parents of the Italian cameraman against the Netflix docu-series

His case has been covered at length by the program Le Iene and now also by a docu-series released on Netflix entitled The last hours of Mario Biondo. The man’s parents also find space in the three episodes, but not as they hoped. The cut chosen by the documentary seems in fact to support those leads that according to them are absolutely incompatible with the death of their son.

“It gives a contrary impression to our judicial path” said the lawyer Falcone, but he is not surprised: “It was produced by Guillermo Gómez, former manager by Raquel Sánchez Silva”. Here, the hypothesis of self-asphyxiation is reiterated, but the computer research relating to this practice dates back to his death.

Why did the parents agree to participate in the Netflix documentary, then? “When Mr. and Mrs. Biondo signed the contract to authorize the filming, there was a different company name from the one who then managed the production and who turned out to be Guillermo Gómez” said the lawyer.

Also Le Iene against the reconstructions of the documentary

The parents are not the only ones who have something to say about the documentary’s reconstruction. The editorial team of Hyenasairing tonight Thursday 16 November 2023 at 9.15pmwill face the case again to respond to the accusations contained in the Netflix series and made by Selvaggia Lucarelli.

The journalist declared that the Mediaset program he would have overturned the truth and insisted on the thesis only to make more episodes, but for the creator and author Davide Parenti There are several inaccuracies in the reported facts. The fact that Mario Biondo’s wife’s ex-agent is behind everything is mentioned again.


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