Because Amato’s appointment irritates Prime Minister Meloni

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A Sunday of private outbursts. With your head on the outside of Andrea Giambruno broadcast by Mediaset. Giorgia Meloni talks about attacks and meanness. Just allusions. Just a suffocated bitterness. The prime minister is silent. Those who know her well, however, know that the Giambruno case he left a mark in the relationship with Forza Italia. And yesterday they leave from Palazzo Chigi two clear signals to the blue ally. The first it is the stop to the Energy decree announced by Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin. The second is the annoyance leaked from Palazzo Chigi for the appointment of Giuliano Amato as head of the committee on artificial intelligence desired by the undersecretary with responsibility for information and publishing Alberto BarachiniForzista and former Mediaset journalist. “I wasn’t notified,” says Giorgia Meloni five days later. An adjective makes its way into the background and tells the mood of the prime minister: irritated. An irritation that however loses strength as the hours pass and that it would not concern the name of Amato (which had also aroused numerous ironies, partly due to the age and partly due to the unsinkability of the character), but the fact of having been “kept in the dark” about the choice. And in any case it shouldn’t have any consequences on the appointment. In short, two themes are linked. One is the underground (and perhaps inevitable) war between Meloni and Forza Italia. The second theme is that of left-wing “wise men” recruited by the government. It was Barachini who highlighted the importance of «analyze in depth the use, development and impact of artificial intelligence in the information sector”. And for this reason it was decided to proceed with the establishment of a Committee at the Information and Publishing Department made up of experts and university professors who will study the impact of this technology on the world of journalism and news. Amato himself would chair the committee and the work should begin as early as Tuesday 24 October. At the moment everything remains confirmed as it is and no changes are expected. In short, the signal to Forza Italia remains. But also Meloni’s desire to put his mind on an issue that he has never underestimated. Indeed, that of the applications of artificial intelligence in everyday life and, specifically, in publishing is a topic that is particularly close to the heart of the Prime Minister who perhaps before others he understood the potential of this new technology but also its risks and for this reason, as underlined during the ComoLake2023 event, which intends to put artificial intelligence at the center of G7 which will be held in 2024 in Italy.

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