Beatles, Now and Then: the documentary on the last song

It is finally available documentary on the latest song of Beatlesthe British rock quartet that gives sixties not only did it revolutionize the way we do things musica, but it also marked an era, forever carving out a place of honor in world history. Now and Then – The Last Beatles Song is the title of the short film, directed by Olivér Murray, which traces the history of the song, Now and Thenwritten by John Lennon, killed by Mark David Chapman, an obsessed fan of the singer, on December 8, 1980 with a .38 caliber. The song dates back to 1978, 2 years before his disappearance. Let’s see where it is possible to see the documentary and the story that is told.

  1. Where you can see the documentary
  2. The story of Now and Then
  3. The song and the official video clip

Where you can see the documentary

Now and Then – The Last Beatles Song is available on the official profile YouTube of the Beatles from Wednesday 1 November.

The story of Now and Then

“It was the experience which brought us closer together to have him back in the room with us, it was really exciting for everyone. It was like John was there, you know. Is fantastic”. These are Ringo Starr’s words on the release of Now and Then.

The story of the song takes place over the span of fifty years and is the result of a series of conversations and collaborations between the four members of the band. The demo made by John Lennon was first processed in February 1995 by Paul McCartney, George Harrison e Ringo Starrthe other members of the band, to whom it was delivered by his wife Yoko Ono in 1994. The demo was intended for The Beatles Anthology, but the project was never completed until, in 2022thanks to software from artificial intelligence used by Peter Jackson in the documentary series Get back it was possible separate John Lennon’s voice from the piano music.

And there it was, John’s voice, clear and clear. He is very emotional. And let’s all play, it’s an authentic Beatles recording – commented Paul McCartney -. I think it’s an exciting thing to still be working on Beatles music in 2023 and about to release a new song that the public hasn’t heard.”.

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