Base: Amazonas FC presents itself and begins work for an unprecedented dispute in the Brazilian Under-17 Cup

Reinforced, the Amazonian under-16 champion squad underwent physical tests and medical examinations upon resumption of work for the national tournament

Current Amazonas under-16 champion, Amazonas FC has already started work for the 2024 season, focusing on the unprecedented dispute of the Copa do Brasil under-17. On the afternoon of this Thursday (4), the athletes presented themselves to undergo medical examinations and physical tests at Arena Paris, located in the west zone of the capital of Amazonas.

In the first contact between the coaching staff and the players in the new season, strength and speed activities were carried out under the supervision of professor João Lúcio, the club’s physical trainer, who highlighted the specific work aimed at a national level competition.

It’s a kickoff. Let’s prepare for a much tougher competition than the state championship we won. This increases the degree of difficulty and competitiveness between them, everything starts to be evaluated from today. We will evaluate everything, the physical, behavioral, tactical and technical part. We don’t want the kids to take it as a joke, so that we can achieve our goals.

João Lúcio

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Amazonas FC won its place in the national competition after being state champion in the under-16 category, beating São Raimundo 5-1, in November 2023. Since then, professor Jailton Oliveira, coordinator of the youth categories, began work on cast assembly for 2024.

This team was made with the Brazilian Cup in mind. As the competition starts on February 28th, we had to race against time. We watched some players from other teams and invited them. We did three or four training sessions in December to finalize the squad, and start this pre-season with physical training in January. We want to do something different and be able to go further and represent our state well.

Jailton Oliveira

Coach Renato Abrantes, who was in charge of the champion team, also participated in the activity and commented on the importance of the athletes’ psychological factor before competing in a competition of this caliber.

Aiming for this national championship, we know what the teams from Amazonas face, both physically and mentally. So that’s why we’re starting as soon as possible, aiming for technical and mental improvement. In this first moment, we are aiming at the physical conditioning of these athletes. I have made a request for psychological help in the coming weeks for these players, they are young and often we do not know their family and school history, causing them to underperform. We are going to represent our institution and the State of Amazonas, so we want to go with the best we have.

Renato Abrantes

In 2024 it will be Onça Pintada’s first time competing in a national level competition in the youth categories. According to the calendar published by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF), the Brazilian Under-17 Cup should start on February 28th. Amazonas FC is still awaiting the release of the detailed table to find out its opponent in the first phase.

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