Barcelona’s name fires at Vini Jr.: ‘He deserves a slap in the face’

In the week before the classic between Barcelona e Real Madridwhich will take place this Saturday (28), at 11:15 am, by LALIGAcom live broadcast on ESPN on Star+a member of the Catalan club’s management caused controversy on social media by attacking Vinicius Jr.striker for the Merengue team.

Miquel Campsassistant spokesperson for Barcelona’s management, made a post on social media criticizing a sequence of pedal strokes by the Brazilian in the Real Madrid’s 2-1 victory over Bragalast Tuesday (24), by Uefa Champions League.

“It’s not racism, he deserves a slap in the face for being a clown and a fool, what do those unnecessary and meaningless pedal strokes in the middle of the field represent?”, wrote Camps, who deleted the post made on the social network ‘X‘ minutes later. However, this was not the spokesperson’s only statement.

Also in ‘X‘, Miquel commented on a publication by journalist Fabrizio Romano regarding the Brazilian star’s position on the case of racism suffered in the match against Sevilla. “There is no room for racism and no room for provocation, focus on your skills man, you got it,” the spokesperson wrote.

Barcelona and Real Madrid did not comment on the issue, which gained space in the Spanish press due to the controversy.

Where to watch The classic between Barcelona and Real Madrid?

Barcelona x Real Madridthis Saturday (28), at 11:15 am (Brasília time), by LALIGAtem live broadcast via ESPN no Star+.

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