Barcelona achieves a historic achievement in basketball by defeating Real Madrid

Barcelona defeated its historic rival (Rodolfo Molina/Getty)

Spanish basketball club Barcelona defeated its historical rival, FC Barcelona real madridOn Wednesday evening, with a score of 83-78, in the eighteenth round of… EuroLeagueAfter an exciting and competitive match at the beginning, like all the matches between the two teams in recent seasons. The Catalan Basketball Club was able to reduce the difference in the general table with the Royal Club, which continues to lead with sixteen victories and two defeats, and is the most prepared team in the competition.

Coach Roger Grimau’s team occupies third place, having achieved 12 victories and losing on 6 occasions. This victory has many symbolic dimensions, in addition to the fact that it was achieved at the expense of Real Madrid, the historic rival of the Catalan club, and what that means for its fans who attended the match and supported it strongly. In order to rectify the difference in capabilities between the two teams, the victory also ensured that Barcelona entered history, which is the greatest achievement in this confrontation, as confirmed by the Spanish newspaper “Mundo Deportivo” on Thursday.

Barcelona Basketball Club became the team that achieved the largest number of victories in the history of the Euroleague, as the new format of the competition was launched during the 2000-2002 season. The team has so far succeeded in achieving 421 victories, that is, one match more than the record it holds. Until now, the Russian CSKA Moscow, which has not been able to participate in the competition again since its exclusion in March 2022 due to the war in Ukraine, which made it lose the European leadership in the number of victories to the Spanish club, and it may be difficult for it to compensate, and the Spanish club has fought 628 matches so far, of which 207 matches were lost.

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Barcelona’s results in recent seasons were affected by the financial crisis that the team was exposed to, which caused it to lose many players, because the club’s management mainly sought to achieve financial balance to avoid sanctions, with measures that affected all sports in the team, in addition to other steps it took in order to reduce expenses. In search of saving resources, the club did not make strong deals to support its ranks, and despite that, it is still a strong competitor in various competitions despite the strength of Real Madrid, which seems to be in a better position than its historical rival.

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