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The girls guests at the evenings in Arcore, at Silvio Berlusconi’s house, don’t fit. And to the letter that arrived in recent days in which Dueville Real Estate announces the eviction because, with the death of the Cavaliere, the loan for use contract has also expired, they reply: “it is a gift” and is part “of an agreement compensatory”. Barbara Guerra and Alessandra Sorcinelli, two of the young people acquitted in the Ruby ter trial, react after the company’s request to return the twin villas in Bernareggio, Brianza, where they have been living for free for years at the behest of the former prime minister. The first to demonstrate that it was a gift “by virtue of their long and virtuous association”, spreads, through her lawyers, the lawyers Federico Sinicato and Nicola Giannatoni, an audio of a conversation dating back to 2015 between her and the leader of Forza Italia. An interview in which he explains to her that at that moment he couldn’t register her house in her name because it would have been “corruption”. Except then, when faced with the request to promise that it would be his, he told her “yes, I swear to you on my children, on my five children. The loan is immediately available and as soon as the trial ends and our lawyers give the green light, I will register it to you” Alessandra Sorcinelli , however, speaking on the telephone from the office of his defender, Luigi Liguori, explains: “We are thinking of initiatives because there was a compensation agreement that had to be drawn up after the trial to avoid exploitation. The heirs – continues the former face of TV – are tarnishing the memory of their father who more than once expressed the desire to compensate us girls for damages. We were victims of a media attack that lasted 12 years, just because we were close to him. I’m sure that if it were still alive he would never have allowed this massacre.”

Until recently, the generosity of the former head of government had guaranteed them, and many others, the economic coverage to lead a comfortable life. But now, having lost him, the family is ‘cutting off food’. In addition to the villas and apartments for which the return is requested, the last annuities, 2500 euros per month, from which only some still benefited, were suspended: already on 29 December 2013 with an affectionate letter, but identical for all, Berlusconi had dismissed them, explaining who found himself forced to ‘turn off the taps’. And all this also has implications for the compensation of the lawyers who assisted them for 94 hearings in seven years, and who, except for some who are part of the historic group responsible for following the former prime minister, were not paid. For this reason, some have initiated legal actions aimed at “debt collection” against those who, having ended up in the storm of investigations, have distanced themselves and, with a wealthy family behind them, have started a new life. Others, however, spread their arms, because their client “has nothing left. What do you want me to do? Patience”, says one. “After the trial ended with the acquittal we would have expected gratitude from everyone – adds another – and, instead, nothing. When my client came to me with her partner for the assignment, she told me that, once it was resolved the problem, the president would have paid for the costs. But it didn’t happen that way.”

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