Bar Association investigates allegations of bribery by Khalid Kasem

Khalid Kasem.Image Eva Roefs

It published on Friday evening AD a story that is based on four recordings of confidential conversations from 2019, which were probably made by Peter R. de Vries. At the time, Kasem worked as a lawyer at the office that De Vries ran together with his son Royce.

How it AD It is unclear exactly who obtained the recordings. According to the newspaper, the tapes include a conversation that a former client of Kasem had with Peter R. de Vries. The former client had recently served a sentence and warned the crime reporter about Kasem, because he would ‘screw things up’. The former client allegedly told De Vries that Kasem had offered him to bribe a selection officer from the Judicial Institutions Agency (DJI). In exchange for 8,000 euros, the former client could take leave earlier, Kasem is said to have said.

However, the former client is convinced that Kasem put this money in his own pocket. The former lawyer is said to have also tried to use this trick with another client. “That’s not one lie, there are a number of them,” the former client is said to have said to Peter R. de Vries on the tape recording. “You know, if this gets out, he’ll take you down with him too.”

On the other recordings from 2019, conversations between De Vries, his son Royce and Kasem can be heard. Kasem admitted the bribery accusation to them at the time, it wrote AD. But now he denies this.

The presenter could not be reached by telephone on Saturday. But in it AD he states that he has never been guilty of bribery. “So I did not bribe any official at DJI, nor did I ever attempt to do so.”

According to Kasem, the allegations come from a former client who “had a large outstanding bill” and at the time “improperly tried to get part of it paid.” It’s nothing more than that.’ Kasem acknowledges that it was a ‘rather stupid move’ that had a counterproductive effect. Because after the accusations, Kasem waived the client the outstanding bill.


Royce de Vries said in a response that he and his father, who was shot dead in 2021, found the bribery accusations unlikely at the time. According to him, Kasem also refuted this accusation to him several times.

Kasem has his work at BNNVara for the talk show Khalid & Sophie temporarily laid down. It is still unclear what will happen to Kasem’s place at the talk show table. The program would start again on January 29, after the winter break. In addition to the Bar Association, the Judicial Institutions Service (DJI) is also investigating the accusation of possible bribery.

According to Dennis Wolters, the chairman of the Dutch Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NVSA), the bribery accusations affect the core value of the legal profession, namely integrity. “This is an extremely serious allegation that must be thoroughly investigated,” Wolters told the ANP news agency. ‘If it is true, you are dealing with a criminal offense, also committed by a lawyer. That is also about confidence in the legal profession.’

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