BANKS CLOSED: what operations are enabled during the BANK HOLIDAY on Monday, November 6

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It is Monday, November 6 the banks will be closed throughout the country, due to holiday for him “Day of bank workers”. In this way, operations in financial entities, both public and private, will be limited.

Like every year, the Banking Association established a non-working day to commemorate its workers. Furthermore, all of them will receivea bonus as compensation” which is updated with the joint negotiations.

Despite of Bank holiday, there will be operations that can be carried out virtually. However, the clearinghouses that settle payments will be affected. How will the service work?

Bank holiday: what will be enabled on Monday, November 6

He Banco Central reported through its official website that ““On Bank Workers’ Day, bank branches throughout the country will not open to the public.”. However, the electronic measurements to carry out operations virtually.

Services enabled during the bank holiday

  • Operations at ATMs and self-service terminals
  • Cash deposits and withdrawals
  • Actions in homebanking or banking applications
  • Credit card payments
  • Payments with transfers
  • Electronic payments for services (will be enabled from Tuesday the 6th)
  • Cash withdrawals in supermarkets and pharmacies

Bank holiday: What will happen to check deposits and ANSES payments?

During the holiday, the check depositbut the Tuesday, November 7.

ANSES did not credit payments on Monday, November 6.

The same will happen with operations expiring that same day or with settlements that are carried out through the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). That is, people with DNI ending in 6 and 7 will receive their salary on Tuesday.

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