Banco do Nordeste publishes notice with 710 mid-level vacancies

posted on 01/26/2024 10:38

Banco do Nordeste notice was published with 710 vacancies - (credit: Banco do Nordeste/Disclosure)

Banco do Nordeste notice was published with 710 vacancies – (credit: Banco do Nordeste/Disclosure)


Banco do Nordeste do Brasil published a new public competition notice for the banking analyst career, which requires secondary education. 710 vacancies are offered, 410 of which are for immediate filling and 300 for forming a reserve register.

To take office, the candidate must present a duly registered certificate of completion of a high school course, issued by an educational institution recognized by the Ministry of Education, Secretariats or State Education Councils.

The salary for the career is R$ 3,788.16, made up of the initial salary of R$ 2,577.32, plus R$ 263.80 referring to the minimum salary for the position, defined in a collective agreement and a bonus of 1/3 worth R$ 947.04. The career also has the following benefits:

  • food basket assistance;

  • 13th food basket;

  • rights provided for in the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT);

  • possibility of participating in a supplementary pension plan, on a contributory basis; It is

  • opportunity for advancement and professional development.

Registration will take place between February 2nd and March 9th. To apply, interested parties must access the Cesgranrio Foundation website, organizing bank. The fee costs R$65.


The following stages are part of the Banco do Nordeste competition:

1st stage – assessment of knowledge, through the application of objective tests, of an eliminatory and classificatory nature, under the responsibility of the Cesgranrio Foundation.

2nd stage – biopsychosocial assessment of candidates who declared themselves disabled and procedure for verifying the declared condition to compete for vacancies reserved for black candidates, under the responsibility of the Cesgranrio Foundation.

3rd stage – admission procedures and medical expertise, of an eliminatory nature, under the responsibility of Banco do Nordeste do Brasil.

The tests will be administered in the following cities: Alagoas, Bahia, Ceará, Paraíba, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Pernambuco, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe.

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