Baku int’l conference participants support proposal to establish NAM Women Platform

Participants of the Non-Aligned Movement Conference in Baku on Advancing the Rights and Empowerment of Women have adopted a declaration following the event, Report informs.

“We, the Member States of the Non-Aligned Movement, attending the NAM Conference on Advancing the Rights and Empowerment of Women co-organized by the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Uganda and the Republic of Uzbekistan to reflect upon our achievements and on the way forward for advancing the rights of and empowering women globally:

1. Underscore the commitment to keep advancing the human rights and the empowerment of women as a visionary agenda for the NAM, and reaffirm our political will to tackle the challenges in the sphere of the advancement of women and the enjoyment of their human rights;

2. Reaffirm the commitment to ensuring representation and full, equal and meaningful participation of women in all facets of society, and underline the particular importance of promoting equal participation of women in the political systems of NAM Member States;

3. Welcome the increasing representation of women at the highest political levels and in elected Assemblies, including the recent examples in NAM Member states;

4. Reiterate our firm commitment to join efforts and continue combating all forms of violence against women, until its complete elimination, recognizing the importance of engaging men and boys;

5. Reaffirm the vital role of women and the need for their full, equal and meaningful participation in all areas of sustainable development, as well as providing them with equal opportunities for leadership in this regard;

6. Recognize the detrimental impact of unilateral coercive measures on women and girls, including on national policies and programs aimed at ensuring their wellbeing and the full realization of their human rights, and, in this context, reiterate our determination to denounce and demand their complete, immediate and unconditional repeal;

7. Acknowledge the central and coordinating role of the organizations of the United Nations system, within their respective mandates, to support all States’ efforts in promoting the advancement and empowerment of women and the enjoyment of their human rights;

8. Applaud the inclusion of a stand-alone goal on the achievement of gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls and the integration of a gender perspective into the 2030 Development Agenda;

9. Welcome the progress made towards the full implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action adopted by the Fourth World Conference on Women, and reaffirm support for the outcome documents of the 23rd special session of the United Nations General Assembly entitled “Women 2000: gender equality, development and peace for the twenty-first century”;

10. Emphasize the importance of intensifying, among NAM Member States, including through high-level interaction, the exchange of ideas, visions, and perspectives on current challenges in the advancement and empowerment of women and the enjoyment of their human rights to increase cooperation and take concerted and targeted actions in this regard;

11. Take note of the proposal to establish the NAM Women Platform and deliberate through NAM Coordinating Bureau on this initiative, including on the working modalities related thereto;

12. Express appreciation and gratitude to the People and Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the hospitality and hosting the first-ever NAM Conference on Advancing the Rights and Empowerment of Women on November 20-21, 2023,” reads the declaration.

The declaration was adopted following the conference organized by Azerbaijan jointly with Uganda and Uzbekistan, the future chair countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM).

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