Bad weather, the opening of the Adige Garda tunnel will be brought forward

The Adige Garda gallery will probably open again on Friday 3 November.

It is one of the decisions reached in the long operational meeting in the Trentino civil protection room on the morning of Thursday 2 November. Also working with the technicians of the autonomous province were the employees of Veneto, Lombardy and Aipo (Interregional Agency for the Po River).

The issue in the foreground is that of the parameters required for the opening of the Adige Garda tunnel to vent the river’s floods into the lake before the Adige reaches the Veneto. In fact, during the last weather alert on October 31st, the tunnel – according to the Municipality of Verona – it was opened too late and for too short a time. For this reason, the Adige would still have reached Verona in flood, causing damage to the scaffolding underneath the New bridge.

In reality, replies the vice-president of the province of Trento Mario Tonina, the opening of the tunnel was scheduled as early as 11am, but it was only opened at 6pm at the request of the municipalities on the Venetian side of Garda.

The opening of the tunnel must respect parameters established by an agreement signed in 2002 (i.e. opening possible when the level of the Adige at the S. Lorenzo bridge in Trento reaches 5 metres); at the meeting on Thursday 2 November a derogation from the agreement was established with the possibility of reducing the threshold level of the Adige beyond which to give the green light to the opening of the tunnel at 4.5 metres.

The weather forecast also announces heavy rainfall for November 3rd; the hope is that the drop in temperatures will transform the rain into snow at high altitudes, thus limiting the flow of rivers and streams.

Meanwhile, the Riva del Garda firefighters have positioned 400 meters of containment nets at the mouth of the Sarca to prevent flood debris from spilling into the lake. At 2pm on November 2nd the flow rate of the Sarca was 28 cubic meters per second.

The firefighters recommend caution when navigating on Garda. They also suggest moving only if necessary.

Fire fighters

Nets ready at the mouth of the Sarca

Firefighters at work positioning containment nets on Garda Fire fighters

Firefighters at work positioning containment nets on Garda

Here is Maddalena Boggiano’s complete interview with Mario Tonina.

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