Azerbaijan’s securities market grows by 80%

In 2023, transactions worth 28.69 billion manats ($16.85 billion) were carried out in the securities market of Azerbaijan, 80.4% more than last year, Report informs, citing the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA).

Of this, 8.23 billion manats ($4.83 billion) were formed in the primary market (-1%), and 19.84 million manats ($11.65 billion) were formed in the secondary market (+2.7 times).

Some 13,545 (+22.9%) deals were concluded in the securities market during the reporting period, with the primary market accounting for 2,292 deals (+6.3%) and the secondary market for 11,253 (+27%).

Government securities rose 1.1% to 8,405.6 million manats ($4.94 billion), or 29.9%, of transactions carried out in 2023, corporate securities rose by 4.1% to 2,279.1 million manats ($1.33 billion), or 8.1%, and repo operations went up 3.4 times to 17.384 billion manats ($10.21 billion), or 61.9%.

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