Azerbaijan creates conditions for free practice of all religions

Azerbaijan has created all the necessary conditions for the free practice of all religions, Chief Rabbi of the Mountain Jews Synagogue in Tel Aviv Shmuel Simantov said, commenting on the statement of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that a number of countries, including Azerbaijan, are on a “watch list” for religious freedom, according to Trend.

“I was born in Baku. I ended my activity in Azerbaijan two years ago, and at present I am in Israel. While in Azerbaijan, I was a rabbi in the Oghuz district, in the synagogue of European and Georgian Jews in Baku, and the director of the Hebrew-speaking section in Azerbaijani middle school. I am a religious person and have never encountered any challenges regarding my beliefs in Azerbaijan,” he said.

Simantov said that despite the attempts of external influence, all the necessary environmental conditions have been created in Azerbaijan for the free practice of not only Judaism but all religions.

“We have always celebrated all our religious holidays in Azerbaijan without any obstacles, freely walk with the Torah in our hands in the streets,” the rabbi said.

There are allocations for synagogues, churches, and mosques in Azerbaijan every year, he emphasized.

“There are two synagogues in Oguz, five in Guba, and three in Baku. All of them are allocated funds. In addition, the state ensures their protection,” he added.


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