AZ does not have a child in Volendam, but forgets to further expand its score

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AZ has washed away the hangover from the 1-0 Premier League loss at Feyenoord two weeks ago by beating FC Volendam in Alkmaar.

In the AFAS stadium it was only 3-0 for the team of coach Pascal Jansen, who could have increased the score much further. With the victory, AZ climbs over FC Twente to third place in the Premier League.

AZ immediately attacked and quickly found themselves at 1-0. Vangelis Pavlidis stole the ball from Damon Mirani, after which Ruben van Bommel scored beautifully from far away. AZ then piled chance after chance, but was sloppy in finishing. Ernest Poku shot over from close range.

Pavlidis’ 2-0 was canceled due to Poku’s offside, but the Greek still scored shortly after halftime. From close range, he worked the ball into the goal with his knee on a pass from David Møller Wolfe.

After a save from AZ keeper Mathew Ryan on a shot from Mirani, AZ made it 3-0. Volendam goalie Mio Backhaus saved a free kick from Yukinara Sugawara and Van Bommel’s rebound, allowing Bruno Martins Indi to score.

Pavlidis (post) and Van Bommel (near) failed to make it 4-0.

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