Atlético-MG speaks out after Arana’s wife reports “minutes of terror” in classic

Atlético-MG condemned, this Wednesday (25), the “violent attitudes practiced against family members” of the club’s athletes during the classic between Atlético-MG and Cruzeiro, last Sunday (22).

The demonstration takes place after Gabriela Melchior, wife of full-back Arana, reported that she went through “very panicky moments” at Arena MRV, in Belo Horizonte.

“Galo considers the violent attitudes committed against the families of our athletes last Sunday to be unacceptable and expresses its solidarity with Gabriela Melchior and everyone who suffered in this regrettable episode. The Club will take the necessary measures to ensure that occurrences of this type do not happen again,” said Atlético-MG on its official Instagram account.

Itatiaia found that family members of players were harassed by Galo fans even before the own goal scored by Jemerson, in the final stretch of the duel, which decided the score 1-0 in favor of Raposa in the first classic at Arena MRV.

On social media, the left-back’s partner reported throwing objects towards the section intended for family members, including young children. In addition, there was spitting, swearing and threats.

“In the last few hours, I have been receiving many messages of support and affection and I decided to speak out. Unfortunately, on Sunday, I, my children and several other families went through regrettable moments and a lot of panic, inside our own home, in our Arena. Some people threw cups and cans, in addition to spitting at us, swearing at us and countless completely aggressive threats,” he published.

Message from Guilherme Arana's wife
Message from Guilherme Arana’s wife / Reproduction

Guilherme Arana’s wife said she “exceeded herself” to protect her young children who were in the box. An amulet for Atlético fans since 2021, “Mini Guissa” had entered the field alongside his father before the first half.

“It was a harrowing and terrifying few minutes. To protect my little ones, who were also panicking, I overstepped and, thank God, nothing more serious happened. I left the stadium shaking and with a deep sense of sadness and indignation,” she said.

Gabriela Melchior concluded the publication by saying that she continues to admire and is grateful to the Atlético fans, despite the regrettable episode experienced at Arena MRV.

“But I know that this group does not represent the Galo fans, who have always been so loving towards us. This absurd fact does not change the enormous affection and gratitude that I, Guilherme and our family feel for Galo and for the thousands of fans who treat us with love and respect”, he added.

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